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Buford’s ‘Book to the Future’ Offers Inspiring Faith and Historical Reflections

*As if he’s not busy enough as a journalist, singer and songwriter, Larry Buford has found time to release “Book to the Future – Time Travel Message in a Capsule.”

Sub-titled as “A Historical and Faith-Based Account of How What We Do Today Will Affect Tomorrow,” the tome features Buford’s published columns and reviews on a wide range of subjects.

His opinions, often laced with scripture and current events, are revealed in provocative topics such as “The People’s Choice When God is Rejected,” “Is Procrastination Your Priority,” “The Church, ‘Blackface’ and Motown” and “Watch Your Words: Give Glory to God!”

“My goal in any of my writings is to inspire others; to offer something uplifting and enlightening,” explained Buford, who is also the author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand.” “Whether a book or a song, my goal is for my creations to be accessible to people.”

Author Larry S. Buford

Accessing Buford’s works is actually easy since his commentaries are frequently published in the L.A. Sentinel, the Michigan Chronicle, the San Francisco Bay View, and Lee Bailey’s Also, his music, which includes “Ray of Sun,” dedicated to Ray Charles, and “Can’t Quiet My Soul” lamenting loved ones lost to gun violence, is available on popular digital platforms.

In “Book To The Future,” Buford incorporates his strong Christian faith as he reflects on contemporary issues with writings entitled, “Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Twist of Fate,” “Bowed Heads: The New Idolatry,” “Eaten Alive By the Recession” and “The Yoke of the ‘Trumpence’ Era.”

“The book shows people how to discuss spiritual things as they apply to everyday life. Take for instance, ‘Bowed Heads,’ which is about our preoccupation, even addiction, to our smart phones and other technological distractions. The technology is great to have as long as we don’t let it possess us,” said Buford.

“The book is also a good conversation piece and readers will get a balanced take on controversial topics like same-sex marriage. I try to keep things plain and simple so that anyone can understand,” he noted.

“I read the Bible a lot and if you really look at it, the same thing the human race was doing thousands of years ago, we’re still doing it today. It’s called the pride of life. But thank God, we have a Savior, an ark of safety. Our duty as believers is to point others to Jesus, the way, the truth and the life.”

Buford’s love of God and attraction to writing began as a child. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he was baptized as a youngster and participated in his family’s choir. Buford was also a member of the Glee Club at Detroit’s Southeastern High and studied the cello as well. After graduation, he attended Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and later enrolled in classes at the University of Phoenix.

Throughout his upbringing, writing was (and continues to be) a favorite outlet with life and love becoming a recurring theme in his stories, songs, scripts and commentaries.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the written word. I wrote my first ‘article’ when I was ten and I’ve always read current events, even as a child,” Buford said.

“Thoughts flow through me all the time and I try to write them down as much as I can, even at two-or-three in the morning. I have a ‘junkyard’ of written thoughts that I can use as needed and I try to offer a bit of spirituality in all my writings to speak to the spirit within us.”

Re-printed by permission. Cora Fossett-Jackson is the Religion Editor, Los Angeles Sentinel. “Book to the Future – Time Travel Message in a Capsule” is available at and

Here’s the book promo trailer:

Larry Buford
Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, and author of Book/CD titled "Things Are Gettin' Outta Hand" (Steuben Pub.) He writes Human Interest articles and entertainment reviews for various newspapers across the country. He is also an editor, and provides services for press releases, interviews, business letters, resumes, etc. A native Detroiter, he is a former Motown songwriter.



  1. Comment: It is my great pleasure to have observed your remarkable talent and hard work
    thru’ the years — and no one is happier to have followed your journey! I look forward
    to reading your newest book ~~ review sounds wonderful!
    Wishing you all continued happiness; success with the new book; and I really love that
    we are still connected.
    Best personal good wishes! Your long-ago teacher, Janey.

  2. Another welcome comment from one of my instructors Janey Rifken:

    Hi Larry —
    Your talent and sensitivity are only the beginning of Larry Buford.
    BOOK TO THE FUTURE is so inspirational; it has appeal, guidance,
    “meaningful direction” & is uplifting, with universal appeal.
    Don’t know how you find the time, when you are so engrossed in
    the world of music and composition.
    I feel honored, Larry, that you shared this wonderful message with
    me — and I do value our communications thru’ the years.
    Take good care! Best personal good wishes! Janey


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