Saturday, January 23, 2021

Roseanne, Racism, and America’s Blackish Wish Fulfillment Television (WATCH)

valerie jarrett & roseanne barr

*Attorney Antonio discusses the recent cancellation of Roseanne, and racist tweets by the star of the show. Moore also discusses the legacy of ABC executive Channing Dungey and whether a person that hired Roseanne, gets to be celebrated for firing her after the fact of racist social media post.

When Dungey hired Roseanne she stated this  about the star, there is “no one better to comment on our modern America than Roseanne.”

Moore also looks at the impact of what Dungey calls “wish fulfillment” television she created of Scandal and Blackish on black and white America’s perception of the racial wealth gap. He uses data, and social analysis to critique the approaches used in development of programming at ABC – American Broadcast Company. ABC Wants to Focus More of Its Programming on the Working Class in the Age of Trump

Channing Dungey, the recently installed president of ABC Entertainment, told the Content London media summit on Tuesday that Trump’s election — powered in part by a surge in support among white rural and blue-collar voters — has prompted Alphabet execs to wonder whether the network’s slate of flashy, upscale hour-long series (think How to Get Away With Murder or Designated Survivor) adequately reflects all parts of America.

“With our dramas, we have a lot of shows that feature very well-to-do, well-educated people, who are driving very nice cars and living in extremely nice places,” Dungey told the conference, according to a report from U.K.-based TV industry trade C21. “There is definitely still room for that, and we absolutely want to continue to tell those stories because wish-fulfillment is a critical part of what we do as entertainers. But in recent history we haven’t paid enough attention to some of the true realities of what life is like for everyday Americans in our dramas.”



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