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Meagan Good Says Vow of Celibacy Helped to Recharge Her Spirit

Megan Good*If you don’t know much about Meagan Good outside of her acting career, then no doubt you’re aware that she took a vow of celibacy prior to marriage. It’s a topic she’s been going on about for several years now, and she and her husband continued the conversation in their book: “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding Love of Your Life and the Life You Love.”

Meagan and her man DeVon Franklin, a studio executive who moonlights as a preacher, use the book to get quite candid about the vow of celibacy they took prior to marriage, with the actress saying “she felt that she hit “rock bottom” spiritually and emotionally around the time she was filming “Jumping the Broom,” and the renewed vow of celibacy, she said, helped to recharge her,” the Grio notes.

“It was in that prayer time that I came to the conclusion that I needed to be celibate, I needed to do something different than what I had been doing all the years before,” Good said. “I decided this is what I need to do for me, because I need to heal and I need to focus on myself and I need to advance myself in every area of my life without the distraction of feeling… that I need this man.”

Back in 2013, Meagan said it wasn’t long after meeting Franklin that she knew they were meant to be husband and wife.

“I said, ‘Alright Lord, let’s see what you have for me. Oddly enough, DeVon and I had known each other for six years and [Jumping The Broom] wrapped nine months before we even dated. During a couple of those months before, it started getting in my spirit that he was going to be my husband and he didn’t even know,” she explained.

As for Franklin, he felt that the vow of celibacy was important because of his work as a servant of God, and he wanted to practice what he preached.

“I didn’t want to live two lives. At the time I wasn’t practicing celibacy, but I was still talking about it, and I said, ‘You know, I have to be the man that God called me to be,’ and part of that was taking this vow and waiting until marriage and when I stared doing that it gave me discipline that helped me in every other area of my life,” he recalled.

The couple both agree that waiting was good in that it helped them develop an organic relationship without the distraction and pressure of intimacy.

“When you take that out of the equation, you actually get to know the person across the board in every other way except the physical which, which comes later,” Good said.

They also believe there’s a clear distinction between celibacy and abstinence. “Abstinence is just, ‘Hey I’m not doing it.’ And we say, well, sometimes you can be abstinent because you don’t have options,” Good said. “But we define celibacy as abstaining from sex because there’s a higher purpose and a higher calling and we believe that it is specifically related to marriage.”

Check out the couple’s interview with Gayle King for “CBS This Morning” below:

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