Monday, October 3, 2022

Milwaukee Police Release Bodycam Video of Arrest & Tasing of NBA’s Sterling Brown

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Sterling Brown
Sterling Brown

*Milwaukee police on Wednesday released video of the Jan. 26 arrest and tasing of NBA player Sterling Brown, and Chief Alfonso Morales apologized for the way his department treated Brown and said the officers involved had been disciplined.

“Situations like mine and worse happen every day in the black community,” Brown said in a statement. He was tased and arrested at about 2 a.m. in a Walgreens parking lot by officers who had been checking on a car that was parked across two handicap spaces. 

Officers initially claimed Brown threatened them while they were writing him a ticket. But bodycam video proves that Brown never threatened or became violent with the officers before he was tased and arrested.

Brown said in statement Wednesday that the incident “forced me to stand up and tell my story so that I can help prevent these injustices from happening in the future.”

“There are no easy solutions to this problem, but there are strides that can be made to create change,” Brown said. “I will do my part in helping to prevent similar incidents from happening to the minority community in the future.”

Morales says officers “acted inappropriately” and that those officers had recently been disciplined. He says he’s “sorry this incident escalated to this level.”

Watch the bodycam video released by the Milwaukee Police Department above.




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