Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Michael B. Jordan on His Relationship Status: I Like ‘All Women, Everybody’s On The Table’

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*Michael B. Jordan has been dubbed “sex symbol extraordinaire,” by “The Breakfast Club,” and when the “Black Panther’ star appeared on the iHeartRadio program (May 8) one of the hot topics was his personal life and who he’s dating.

To kick off the 24-minute Q&A, the crew asked Jordan to describe his life after “Black Panther’s” box office dominance.

“It’s insane. Kind of known before, now I can’t go anywhere. The mall is off limits, my Postmates bill went through the roof, I’m in the house,” he said. “It’s just incredible, especially with the kids, the next generation. Just seeing how excited they’ve been after seeing the movie and their reaction to me walking around has been pretty incredible.” The comic book fanatic said given his love of the medium, playing Marvel’s Killmonger “was like a no-brainer.”

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On the personal side, Charlamagne Tha God attempted to get Jordan to open up about his dating pursuits, but he shut it down by saying he’s “going to keep my personal life out of this.”

When asked about white women being a preference, Jordan claimed he likes “women period, all women, everybody’s on the table.”

Meanwhile, as noted by vibe.comTiffany Haddish has expressed her interest in the actor, according to Charlamagne. Hear what Jordan has to say about her request for him to make the first movie around the 17-minute mark in the clip above, plus his thoughts on Donald Glover’s “This Is America” video and if he identifies with his “Black Panther” character.

When asked about how he prepared to play the villain, Michael revealed that he had to isolate himself from his friends and family in order to relate to the loneliness of the character, to which Charlamagne asks him if he gave up white women as well.

Scroll up and check out his response via the clip above.

Meanwhile, Michael’s new movie, “Fahrenheit 451,” was co-produced by his own production company, Outlier Society Productions, and stars Michael as Guy Montag, a book-burner in a totalitarian society who begins to rebel against the system. The film premieres on HBO, May 19th.

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