Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Kelis Made Nearly $1M Last Year, Still Wants Nas to Increase Child Support

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*Singer Kelis has filed new docs in her ongoing custody/support battle with ex-husband Nas over their son Knight.

According to her income declaration, she currently has $691,153.22 in the bank and $1,374,000 worth of property. Kelis’ monthly expenses include (via The Blast):

  • $5,726 for her mortgage
  • $4,500 on child care
  • $1,913 on groceries
  • $1,233 on dining out
  • $1,500 on laundry/cleaning
  • $1,728 on clothes
  • $492 on entertainment

For Knight, she lists an additional $1,300 on private tutoring, $400 on a math tutor, $150 on jiu-jitsu and $500 for art. Her grand total of monthly expenses comes to $25,319.

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Kelis has two businesses which pull in a significant monthly income — her entertainment/touring company (MyKnight, Inc.) and Feast Enterprises, which is her food product business.

Nas recently filed his own financial docs, revealing he bags around $175,000 a month and has over $8 million in the bank. His monthly expenses totaled $76k and he spent another $20,000 on supporting family members.

Kelis is seeking an increase of the $8,000 a month in child support Nas currently pays her for their son.

Earlier this month, the “Milkshake” singer opened up about her relationship with Nas, and how he allegedly physically abused her throughout.

Nas reacted to her allegations by commenting on Instagram posts of fans defending him.

“One or two restaurants would have been cool,” an Instagram user wrote. “You started doing too much & she da chef. You know you not suppose to live son!” Nas replied with a 100 emoji, agreeing with the theory that Kelis is envious of his successful business endeavors.

“We need to build the black community, black women are used @ Times by the feminist agenda targeting black men & white supremacy as well, and it’s not what he shows on social media, brothers and sisters, because truthfully it’s none of our business,” wrote another IG user. “We not judge & jury, but some play God, but let God Son raise his son in peace.” The rapper replied with “applause,” seemingly agreeing that Kelis is unfairly targeting him.

The former couple wedded in 2005 and split in 2009 when she was seven months pregnant with Knight.

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