Friday, October 7, 2022

Thandie Newton Says It’s ‘Very Painful’ to Be Excluded from Time’s Up Movement

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*”Westworld” star Thandie Newton says she would never accept acting jobs that paid her less than her male counterparts, and HBO is paving the way for her, Vanity Fair reported.

“I wouldn’t do anything if it didn’t. Definitely not,” she said of projects that wouldn’t match the male actors’ pay. “F–k that. It literally sets a precedent, and (HBO is) leading the way, which is amazing.”

Newton confirmed to Vanity Fair that she will get equal pay for her appearance in “Westworld” Season 3 after co-star Evan Rachel Wood revealed that her salary would match that of her male counterparts.

“They’re all happening right now, and yeah, we’re all equal across the board,” Newton told the mag.

“It’s really exciting. It’s unprecedented. It’s—goodness; it shatters so much calcified pain, resentment, frustration. It just shatters it.”

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Meanwhile, Newton said it was “very painful” to be excluded from Hollywood’s Time’s Up movement after years of speaking out against a casting director who sexually abused her.

“When Time’s Up was put together, to not be invited to be a part of it, was very, very painful,” Newton told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper. “It’s hard for me, as someone who has been talking about it for a long time. … It’s lonely.”

Newton, who plays the renegade robot sex worker Maeve in “Westworld” series, said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that she “wasn’t hot enough” or “mainstream enough” to be asked to join Time’s Up, the Hollywood campaign against workplace harassment and inequality.

Newton also speculated that she was shunned because she wasn’t at this year’s Oscars, “even though I am having a renaissance in my career.” 

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