Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Smokey Robinson’s ‘Fresh and Mannish’ Performance in Texas Goes Viral [Watch]

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*78-year-old Smokey Robinson wants fans to know that he’s still got the moves like Jagger…. sorta.

The Motown legend fired up social media this week after footage surfaced from what one fan described as his “fresh and mannish” performance in Sugar Land, Texas. His moves on stage were so mesmerizing that the clip quickly went viral.

Watch it go down via the player embedded above.

One fan on Facebook noted of Smokey’s sultry dance moves: “Can’t hate on someone sticking to what made him who he is! Some people will never understand because they rather just blend in! Do you Smokey til the Casket drop.”

Another wrote: “He look like that one drunk uncle that be coming to the cookouts…trying to hit on the sexy young thangs out there…talking about “let me show ya youngins how us old cats do it”..lol.”

The viral clip comes as Smokey also makes headlines for testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding federal copyright laws and music licensing rules.

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Robinson previously credited his vitality to habits that he developed in his younger years, such as playing sports, practicing yoga for 35 years, and not consuming meat (he’s a vegetarian).

“I used to run marathons and do those things that I thought were going to be beneficial for me at this time in my life,” he said in an interview with Seattle Times.

“When I got to this point in my life I did not realize … how beneficial it was going to be because I feel great. I’m only going to get this one body so I want to be healthy as long as possible. I believe in taking care of myself,” he said.

His wife, Frances Gladney, also helps keep him looking good. In 2016, the couple launched a skincare line for women and men.

“There’s nobody who doesn’t have some sort of skin care problem,” Robinson told Yahoo Beauty. “I used to get a lot of ingrown hairs and for black guys, that starts making dark marks. I cleared it up before, but this product has enhanced [my skin] so much because the formula is for everything. It’s not just for acne or lines. It’s not just a cover-up for somethings. It’s targeted for people of color, and there’s never been anything like that. It’s a skin healer.”

Smokey admits that he left the drugging and partying decades ago and these days, he gets his “high” from being on stage.

“When I do concerts, people come to me after the show because they think that show business is just wine, women and songs — you party and that’s it,” Smokey said. “Someone will be like, ‘OK Smokey, where is the party?’ I just had a party for two-and-a-half hours. I was onstage, that was the party to me, he added. Now I’m going back to my hotel room and I’m gonna watch TV until I fall asleep and get some rest and rest my body.”

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