Saturday, September 24, 2022

Autograph Seeker Sues Cardi B and Offset Over Met Gala Beatdown

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Cardi B and Offset
Cardi B and Offset

*Cardi B and Offset are being sued by the self-described “autograph hound” who says he was beaten by their bodyguards after the Met Gala.

Giovanni Arnold, 33, filed the suit in state Supreme Court in the Bronx on Monday seeking unspecified damages for the injuries he says he suffered after the couple ordered their security to “savagely” beat him for seeking an autograph on May 8. (See video above.)

Arnold claims he approached the pregnant rapper outside Mark Hotel around 2 a.m. and she told him, “F–k outta here n—a, I will slap the s–t outta you.”

He alleges he “expressed his disappointment with being ignored” and then Cardi B and Offset signaled to their bodyguards that they wanted him “to be physically attacked” — and Offset added, “Shut up, bro, before a n—a beat you out here.”

When Arnold responded, “Aw man, for an autograph? Damn, that’s serious,” he says the three men pounced, “punching him and then stomping on his face while he was on the ground.”

As Arnold lay on the ground, he says one of the guys returned “to inflict one last running jump kick on [Arnold’s] head before again scurrying away from the scene.”

According to the lawsuit, Arnold was taken to the hospital for injuries to his “face, neck, back and body” and believes he will be “permanently disabled and disfigured and caused to suffer continuous physical and mental pain and inconvenience.”

He’s also suing the three unidentified bodyguards, the couple’s management company and the Mark Hotel — because its own security guards “watched idly as the melee unfolded.”

After videos of the beat-down went viral, Cardi B wrote in a since-deleted tweet: “If you check my tag pics I take a lot of pics with fans. Some people are not fans & sometimes I don’t want no pics and I simply don’t want people too close cause of [my pregnancy].”

“I don’t know what are people’s intentions sooo I be careful. Why can’t people respect that?” she added.




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