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Steve Harvey’s Wife, Marjorie, Slammed for Not Buying Her Parents a Fancier House

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*Marjorie Harvey, wife of comedian Steve Harvey, wasn’t expecting the wave of harsh criticism that came her when after she posted a photo of herself outside of her parents’ home.

The image of her chilling on the front stoop at the house left folks arguing on social media about privilege and what children “owe” their parents.

It all went down on Tuesday, when Marjorie, a mother of three and Steve’s wife of 11 years, shared photos from a visit to her parents’ Tennessee home.

“It feels good to be back in Memphis at my parents,” she captioned the first post, depicting her standing inside on a staircase…. check it out below.

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It feels good to be back in Memphis at my parents 

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“On the stoop,” she captioned the second picture.

On the stoop  #familytime

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As noted by, folks immediately called out Marjorie’s shoes, which appear to be a pair of $995 fur-lined mule slippers by Gucci, juxtaposed with her parents’ modest house

“Dam Steve couldn’t buy them a bigger house?” wrote one Instagram user.

“You could of upgraded that house for your parents,” another offered.

Several others left comments along of lines of: “You letting your mom live like that. That’s so sad.”

The conversation continued on Twitter:

But it wasn’t all negative….

“Doesn’t it feel great to go home and sit on your parents’ porch? Best feeling in the world!” “That’s right never forget your stomping grounds,” and “I don’t see anything wrong with that home,” wrote one of Marjorie’s followers.

Others noted her loyalty to her parents: “At least Marjorie isn’t too proud to go home to visit her parents. There are some people who’ll get a little money, some status, degrees, and titles to their name, will forget where home is and where they started. Being humble is one of the best gifts you can give to your life.”

Marjorie eventually responded to the critics, writing, “I started to just block you for the ignorant comment but I decided to respond. First off I take excellent care of my parents and would buy them any house of their dreams. However, my father is proud and absolutely loves the house that he built for his family and could not dream of living anywhere else. I would never insult my parents by telling them it’s not good enough. It’s the house that my brother and I were raised. Will always be a part of who I am. I’m grateful and proud of it. God blessed you.”

Do you think Marjorie’s fans were out of pocket for coming at her so hard about the style of house in which her parents live?

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