Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gayle King ‘Intends’ to Try Marijuana with Amy Schumer & Thinks Oprah Has Already Tried it (WATCH)

*Gayle King visits “The Talk” and responds to Amy Schumer saying she wants to be with King when she tries marijuana for the first time.

“Don’t you think if you are gonna smoke marijuana, wouldn’t Amy be a good girl to smoke it with?” says King. Sara Gilbert adds, “Yes, but if you’re best friends with Oprah, I mean, you’ve gotta invite her too?” “I’m not saying anything, but I think she has smoked before. I think she has,” reveals King and adds, “I intend to do it one of these days, it will not be a public event. I’m just curious.” She asks Julie Chen, “Would you like to share your stoner days?” Chen admits, “I’ve tried it, but I never got stoned because I didn’t know what I was doing, so I’m with you.” Sharon Osbourne also admits, “I’ve never ever, ever…never [even] smoked a cigarette.”

Gaye King Worries Kanye West will ‘self-destruct’; Calls His Words ‘very painful’

Also, “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King opens up about Kanye West on “The Talk.”

“I am very worried about him…I feel sometimes that we can be watching someone self-destruct in front of our presence and that scares me,” says King. “I think some of the things he said have been very painful. About Harriet Tubman and Michael Jordan, I just think there is no question, to me, as to who should be on the twenty dollar bill.” Looking at Tubman’s history, she adds, “I just don’t think there is a competition between the two. So, Kanye and I on this particular point will have to respectfully disagree.”


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