Wednesday, September 28, 2022

ATL Officer Beats a Black Man with a Baton/Breaks His Leg Over ‘Stolen’ Tomato (WATCH)

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Officer King beats Tyrone Carnegay with his baton, breaking his leg in two places (Image: WSBTV)

*A former Atlanta police officer was sentenced to five years in prison for beating a man in Walmart over what he thought was a stolen tomato.

According to the UK Mirror, 49-year-old Trevor King was in uniform and working off-duty at a branch of the supermarket near Atlanta when the incident unfolded.

According to multiple reports, he saw customer Tyrone Carnegay weigh a tomato at the self-checkout and then start walking towards the exit.

Believing Carnegay had shoplifted the tomato, he confronted him and security footage captured what happened next… King beating Carnegay at least seven times with his baton.

His right leg was broken in several places.

The receipt for the tomato was in Carnegay’s bag.

Scroll up to watch the horrific moment go down via the clip above.

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Officer King beats Tyrone Carnegay with his baton, breaking his leg in two places (Image: WSBTV)

King retired from the Atlanta Police Department last year and a trial heard how he found the receipt and wrote a falsified report charging Carnegay with shoplifting.
He was also charged with obstructing a shoplifting investigation and with assaulting a police officer.

Carnegay was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery but was then hauled off to jail as soon as he was medically able.

It wasn’t until state prosecutors examined the evidence that the case was dropped and an investigation launched into King’s conduct.

Speaking after King was locked up, Carnegay said: “He got what he deserved. He did me wrong.”

Acting Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Department said:

“Law enforcement officers all over the country work tirelessly every day to protect the public from violence. This defendant violated the law and his oath as a police officer when he unjustifiably beat a man with a baton, breaking the man’s leg, because he wrongly believed that the man had stolen a tomato. The Department of Justice will continue to protect all citizens from violations of their constitutional right to safety and security.”

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