Monday, May 23, 2022

Detroit Radio Show Bans Kanye West Songs: ‘We Are Over It’; DJ Ebro Talks to Don Lemon (Video)

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Shay Shay of Detroit's 105.1 The Bounce
Shay Shay of Detroit’s 105.1 The Bounce

*After Kanye West said that slaves chose to remain in slavery, one radio station has chosen to set him free.

Jocks at Detroit’s 105.1 The Bounce are done with the rapper after he suggested that once slaves were brought to America, their refusal to ban together and overtake their masters must mean that slaves chose to remain in bondage.

During a Facebook live video of the station’s early show on Thursday, The Morning Bounce’s hosts Shay Shay and BiGG announced they’ll no longer play the rapper’s songs.

“We are over it. We don’t want to hear Kanye’s music, we don’t want to play Kanye on our show, we don’t want to talk about Kanye anymore,” they said. “So we are taking a stand and we aren’t playing his music anymore; we just are refusing to give him a platform.”

During the Thursday morning radio show, Shay Shay also called West “reckless” for saying icons like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are “too far in the past and not relatable.”

On Wednesday, New York City radio host Ebro Darden appeared on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to discuss West’s comments, where Lemon said the rapper “doesn’t know history.” (Watch above.)




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