Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Transform Your Connected Home to a Safe Family Space with Plug-N-Go Technology

*Computers, to video games, to smart televisions, even light bulbs, doorbells, and thermostats are connected to the internet in our homes. These conveniences may make our lives easier but can also make us vulnerable to being hacked – losing our privacy, exposing us to identify theft and our children to unsuitable internet content.

Now there is Gryphon Connect to the rescue – a smart Wi-Fi router that has been on the market for over a year that is changing the cybersecurity game.

“You just plug-and-go,” John Wu, Gryphon’s co-founder and CEO, told the EUR. “You download the Gryphon app and it walks you step-by-step through the setup process. It’s a network-layered solution that’s in one place and you don’t have to install anything on end devices (such as cell phones and computers). Anything within your home network is protected.”

John Wu, Gryphon Connect’s co-founder/CEO

He continued, “The previous generation of parental control solutions was that you had to install (software) on all of the end devices and it was just a hassle. We are always buying new devices, upgrading our phones, buying new tablets and it’s really challenging to install software on all them. So, our solution is as long as you’re connected to our network, you’re protected.”

Gryphon offers protection in several ways including content filtering, setting controls for when software and devices can be turned off and on, stopping malware, and much more. The security solution ultimately adapts to a device’s habits and gets better over time to block threats.

“Gryphon is monitoring all of these devices on the network level and actively looking at preventing them from being hacked,” said Wu. “We have a machine learning algorithm in the device that learns the behavior (of your connected devices). So, for example, a connected light bulb should be doing very basic things, but if it starts sending pictures or start looking at files on your network, we’ll flag it and quarantine the device.”

The smart Wi-Fi router also offers many parental controls that can block access to social media such as Facebook and Instagram and other popular apps.

“We actually allow you to control access to that,” said Wu. “We can’t really look at the content that’s being sent because it’s a secure connection but parents can limit times on those apps when the kids are supposed to be doing homework and even shut them off at night.”

While many of us – kids included – are often on the go with work, school, and other activities that keep us away from home many hours during a given day, look out for the San Diego-based company’s new product that will monitor mobile devices from anywhere.

“We’re coming out with a new feature called Always Home,” said Wu. “The simple concept is with the kids’ mobile devices, for example, you can install a private tunnel on the device that funnels the traffic back to the Gryphon network. So, it is always on the home Gryphon network.”

For more information on Gryphon Connect, go here.



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