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Atlanta Filmmaker Spends $240.00 to Make Film & Wins ‘Best Short Film of the Year’

*ATLANTA, GA – Sinatra ‘Osm’ Onyewuchi, a talented writer, producer, director and actor was recently recognized at the Houston Gospel Announcer’s Guild (HGAG Film Festival) in Houston, Texas, for his short film, “Masterful.” The film was produced with a budget of $240.00.

“Masterful” would go on to win “Best Short Film of the Year” and the film had not been officially released. The film has since been released on YouTube (watch it above).  “If God provides for me to accept an award, I do. I was mostly overjoyed that the youth reacted with tears and other emotions to something I imagined would be good for their Spirit,”says Onyewuchi.

Some people wonder how he does it all. Onyewuchi wrote, produced, directed composed and starred in his own faith-based short film. He’s been on both sides of the camera, and he plans to use the same cost-cutting methods to produce high quality, faith-based content for the family-friendly market.

Onyewuchi, not only wrote, directed and produced the film, he composed and starred in the film. The East Point resident released his first highly-anticipated full-length music project, “Here Goes the Mixtape”, a compilation of original songs that serve as the soundtrack to his award-winning short film, “Masterful.” The film follows the spiritual journey of a young polymath, myself, as he develops an understanding for and interacts with a video-game reality where his decisions are lead by the Holy Spirit. After taking several years off from pursuing acting, film and entertainment opportunities to focus on my family and build a stronger relationship with the Lord, I developed several concepts, sitcoms, films and plays that I felt would help change the dynamic within the Christian community and push the people closer to Love and Truth.

Onyewuchi is responsible for all of the writing and production of the mixtape. He plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, djembe drum, violin and viola on several of the songs. When asked, how he managed to pull off such a great short film with only $240, he says, “God has blessed me with favor and talents in many departments and areas. Like Joseph in Egypt, I’ve been given success in pretty much anything I put my mind to. I just try to keep my mind set with Godly motives. In addition, I had a plethora of fantastic teachers, mentors, cast and crew who believed in me and the vision and wanted to support any way possible.,” says Onyewuchi.

Sinatra 'Osm' Onyewuchi

He adds, “Being able to multiply our talents is a good thing, according to the Lord’s Word. I, like many in today’s society, have been fortunate enough to have been brought up with low means,” Sinatra exclaimed.  “It just means I know how to be extremely resourceful.”  Resourceful indeed. When Sinatra was unable to secure top-notch talent with bartering alone, he resorted to completing much of the post-production himself. “I had a team, but when you’re not able to pay someone for their valuable time, you can’t expect them to put too much into it. People have bills to pay.”  Some of the credits Sinatra fulfilled for his Short-film were Editor, Colorist, Visual Effects, Composer, Foley, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Location Scout and others.

“I’m extremely driven and passionate about producing wholesome content and so I never feel any task is too menial or beneath me when working. I’m willing to learn whatever position necessary to perform it and fill the gap should I not have someone readily available for the job at hand. That was the case with Masterful. At the end of the day, the project must be completed and completed up to par.”

When asked what he would do with a larger budget, he looked to the Heavens and took a long deep breath. “By God’s graces, I’d be producing high conceptual content until I’m carried away to the Lord.”

Stay tuned; Osm is just getting started. “Atlanta is where I’m based, so I’m in the middle of the new film capital. I’m currently working on my first feature called “Lamphill”. My script and budget are complete, and we already have some high profile talent attached. We’re always looking for partners, funders and supporters of quality faith-based content. There’s so much more on the table that will benefit God’s people who need Him now more than ever.”

Onyewuchi concludes, “With the success of films like Black Panther by Ryan Coogler, a young black writer and director, this is the best time for other young filmmakers of color to establish relationships with the older generation of industry veterans that want to support fresh uplifting music and film like what I have in my repertoire.”

You can also check out the short film, “Masterful” and get more info @  www.SinatraOsm.com.

“Hear Goes the Mixtape” (https://youtu.be/o73CGHNUYX4), is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube or www.sinatraosm.com.







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