Friday, August 12, 2022

Deion Sanders #Clapsback After Fans Label Him a ‘Hypocrite’ Over Tracy Edmonds Relationship

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*NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders had to get some fans and trolls right together after they accused him of being a hypocrite following his uplifting relationship message on Instagram.

In case you didn’t know, the baller-turned-commentator has been dating Tracey Edmonds for some years now. According to ILOSM, he oftentimes posts religion-inspired messages about his lady-love and, typically, many fans love his posts. But on Sunday morning, some were totally over the so-called hypocrisy.

Here’s Deion’s unedited post that sparked the online debate:

“This is called 1 accord. That’s what’s God is talking about when it comes to your special someone. We men tend to chose by sight meaning looks,hips,lips booty and fingertips. That’s mess will keep u in dysfunctional situation whereas your PEACE will never find your address. Choose a person for where you’re headed not where u are because if u any type of man,woman,hustler,go getta,doer,boss or leader you’re on your way somewhere bigger and better so that person u chose for that moment aint gone fit in that luxury seat of your journey especially if they aint willing to be all of the before mentioned with you. Take inventory now! Either they’re adding and helping u multiply which is a blessing or they’re subtracting & dividing therefore they gots to go!!!!!!! #ThinkAboutthat its 2018 time for games are gone! Live baby Live the life u supposed to live with the Peace you supposed to have. I GOTS MINE! @Traceyeedmonds we’re smiling for real on the Steve Harvey Show because we are truly at a place of happiness and security.”

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Fans have had mixed emotions to his message. Many questioned why he has yet to marry Tracey after so many years together. They claim Deion is hypocritical because he isn’t fully practicing what he preaches.

User @mrgotti7 wrote: “I hear you talking, but when will you honor what God truly wants and marry this queen he has placed before you. It’s time to make it official bruh. When GOD! Spoke of 1 accord he also meant marriage.”

The comment must’ve have touched a nerve because Deion had to hit ‘em with: “@mrgotti7 how u gon tell me this or that when i have a straight line to God. #Wehaveaplan. Lolol. Much love regardless. Sometimes lets consider some folks really know God.”

After seeing Deion’s reaction to the fan, more of his followers began to call him out. Peep some of the responses below.

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  1. This man is such a hypocrite… May you get a TRUE relationship with the Lord because last I read fornicators WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

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