Thursday, October 6, 2022

Killer Mike Shares Full Version of Controversial NRA Interview (Watch)

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Killer Mike (NRA TV)

*The NRA has released Killer Mike’s full interview after part of it was shared during the March for our Lives rallies on Saturday in which the rapper spoke out in support of gun ownership and said he told his kids they shouldn’t participate in anti-gun student walkouts.

After being criticized for the video, Killer Mike issued an apology and said the clip was “used in the wrong way.” His Run the Jewels bandmate El-P also chimed in to defend his friend, though he made it clear he disagreed with some of Mike’s political positions.

On Wednesday (March 28), the NRA released the full 42-minute interview that Colion Noir conducted with Killer Mike — and the rapper shared the link on his own social media accounts.

“I’m off the ‘whipping post’ but for all that care about truth @colionnoir put the full convo about ‘African American Gun ownership’ up,” he wrote on Instagram.

“[National African American Gun Association] gets a major shout out and blacks are encouraged to Join it as I have as an alternative to the NRA. Thanks to all who kept the ‘Faith’ in me. Your words were read and love was felt. To all the mob that yelled “hang him’. I will never forget y’all too. — The link is in my profile. Love and Respect to all.”

Watch the full interview above.




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