Monday, September 26, 2022

Chainz, YG, Offset Put Their Mothers to Work in ‘Proud’ Video: Watch

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The mother of 2 Chains in his music video for "Pride"
The mother of 2 Chains in his music video for “Pride”

*Rappers 2 Chainz, YG and Offset chose to use their highly anticipated video for “Proud” to honor their mothers.

The visual features all three rappers’ moms as the stars. 2 Chainz’s mother, decked in her son’s gold “Truu” necklace and gold-tinted Tom Ford Oliver shades, handles the opening verse with as much energy as her son.

“Tru University I pull it up and murk a beat,” his mother lip-syncs over her son’s vocals. “As soon as I finish pissing I put the seat down, or my momma gonna curse my d— a– out.”

YG’s mother then wades in for the second verse, wearing a dark red lipstick, bright red jacket and red bandana tied around her neck. “My momma ain’t raise no ho,” she lip-syncs, “cause my momma ain’t no ho.”

For the final verse, Offset’s mother sits on a couch in a bordered up dusty apartment, counting money while her son’s heavy gold “Offset” chain hangs from her neck. “Momma taught me how to get that bank roll,” she says as she waves a stack of 100’s at the camera, “Bought up in my life in case the bank close.”

Prior to the video’s release, all three rappers promoted “Proud” with pictures of themselves with their mothers from the video set.

Watch the video below.




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