Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Beyonce Taps Gucci To Support Her Burundi Water Campaign

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*Beyonce is doing her part for World Water Day through yet another partnership with Gucci…this time in her ongoing effort to provide clean water to more than 120,000 people in Burundi.

The singer secured a $1 million donation from the fashion house for her BeyGood4Burundi initiative, which she launched with officials at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) last summer.

BeyGood4Burundi has already provided 35 new wells to locals, and is on track to service 366,000 people with clean water by 2020.

Gucci’s money will help with the construction of 80 wells in the poverty-stricken African nation, giving 120,000 residents regular access to non-contaminated water.

Gucci’s pledge to the BeyGood4Burundi campaign follows its work with Beyonce on the Chime For Change charity organization, which they co-founded with actress Salma Hayek in 2013.

“Gucci and Chime for Change are proud to stand with Beyonce and Unicef to help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls and women in Burundi,” reads a statement issued to WWD.com by Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri. “Through our commitment to BeyGood4Burundi, we continue the mission of Chime for Change to provide education, health and justice to girls and women globally.”

The news was announced on Thursday to coincide with World Water Day, highlighting the global shortage and continued lack of access to clean water in many poor countries.




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