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Keiynan Lonsdale Talks ‘Love, Simon’ and His Journey as a Queer Man

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*“Everyone deserves a great love story.” That’s the line the new film “Love, Simon” has coined to send the message that no matter who and how you love, your love is just legitimate as the next.

“Love, Simon” tells the story of a high school boy named Simon who is struggling with telling his friends and family he’s gay, and in the midst of it falls in love with an anonymous classmate online. That online classmate is named Bram and is played by actor Keiynan Lonsdale.

“The subject matter was something I was something I was instantly drawn to for personal reasons because I had been through similar situations. Even if I hadn’t got through it I hoped that I would be just as passionate. But yeah, as soon I as I got the email for the audition I was kinda like whoah, this hasn’t even been made yet?”

Bram is just like any other kid struggling with telling the world that’s gay. Like Bram, Keiynan shares a similar story as he just recently came out to the world himself. However he kept his secret from his cast until the film was finished and came out during the “Love, Simon” wrap party.

“I was so nervous about it, and I felt like really disappointed in myself. I thought I’d made a lot of progress. But the fact that I was in such a situation with a gay director with a gay, with this gay love story. Couldn’t be more accepting, it couldn’t be a better film situation to be on. And here these characters are, and we’re all fighting for like people to embrace themselves and I was like I’m not even fully embracing myself,” said Lonsdale.

While Lonsdale says he too struggled with coming out he advises others who share the same the struggle to speak your truth – regardless of what the reaction will be. Especially when it comes to your loved ones.

“I think it’s important for kids to know that even if someone reacted poorly, they reacted poorly because they love you. And it’s not an ideal situation but just understanding not to take it personal and not to place your worth in that reaction because more often than not they come around because they can’t help but love you. They start see that you’re exactly the same person – – even if it’s not an instantly beautiful response it’s usually because they don’t know what to do they’re lost as well,” said Lonsdale.

Through it all, Lonsdale’s continues his journey as an openly “queer” man, which he describes as “an umbrella term for not straight,” while living his truest and most authentic self day-by-day.

“Love, Simon” is in theaters now.



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