Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Regina King on Hollywood’s Pay Gap, Teaching Son About Police (WATCH)

regina king*Regina King is one of the most talented actresses working today, as evidenced by being constantly in demand by producers and directors.

Yet despite the critical acclaim she’s received over the years and the quality roles she’s played on the big and small screen, King is not immune to issues such as Hollywood’s glaring pay gap between male and female actors

In addition, the tension between law enforcement and black people is something the actress especially takes note of, considering she has a son who will soon be among those taking to the streets in a car. During an interview with Larry King, King opened up about the pay gap issue in Tinseltown as well as teaching her son about the police.

Excerpts from the interview are below:

On Hollywood pay gap:

It’s really interesting with Jennifer Lawrence being vocal. My perspective is different than her’s because my gap is even behind hers. I have to be honest my trajectory has been different than probably a lot of these other actors and actresses because I’ve had representation that always saw me as an actor or celebrity and not a black actor or black celebrity. I don’t ever remember being told [by my mother] you can be this some day. I just always remember being told be whatever you want to be. You create what you want to be.

On winning an Emmy award:

I feel two things: When I pressed send on that piece I thought I would never get nominated, but that’s okay I feel like this needs to be said. The fact that I was able to point out statistics, express how I felt and still come around full circle and be celebrated by the Emmy organization that was an award within itself. I do feel like there is change in movement. I don’t want to speak too soon. I want to see where things go.

On teaching her son about the police:

Absolutely. It’s unfortunate that those conversations have to be had and those conversations have to had now. We’re seeing even more, not just with black men but with young black women. girls as well. I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends who is white and our sons are the same age and at one point they were getting ready for their driving test. When she discovered a conversation that I had to have with Ian of driving from hers. Her’s is just like ‘watch the road’ and things like this and mine was not just that but what do to do when you get pulled over.

To see King’s interview with King, check out the videos below:



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