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EUR Goes 1-on-1 with the Creative Voices Behind the Hit NBC Show ‘This Is Us’

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this is us (elizabeth berger - Kay Oyegun & Shuckree Tilghman)
‘This Is Us’ co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger and writers Kay Oyegun & Shuckree Tilghman

*The NBC show “This Is Us,” is an American television drama series featuring Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz and more. The show details the lives and families of two parents, as they deal with everyday life.

Yours truly, EURweb associate Maurita Salkey, caught up with “This Is Us” writers Kay Oyegun and Shuckree Tilghman along with co-Showrunner Elizabeth Berger.

As far as what happens in the Writer’s room, where most of the magic happens, showrunner Elizabeth Berger shared the process in the craft of storytelling through the TV.

“The first few weeks when we came together to write Season 1, it honestly felt like group therapy, “ says Berger. We all came together to share our deepest darkest secrets and sort of all the most emotional things we ever been through and it kind of set the tone for all of season 1 and what our writers room would be like.”

“It set the tone and also gave us permission to know that we can be safe and comfortable, and as things happen through our lives, we can indulge and share and be ourselves.” says Shuckree. It was really really helpful.”

“I came in on season 2. There are two things you always notice when you come into This Is Us writer’s room. “People wear the emotions on the sleeve so there’s going to be some crying in the room, it happens.” says Tilghman. Another thing is that it’s personal, it comes from people’s personal stories and personal backgrounds, things that they share will end up on the screen so it will always be really interesting.”

Most of the This Is Us Writers friends have no clue they’re the writers behind the show and they seem to want to keep it that way.

“It’s interesting to see people’s responses to the episodes and what they think is going to happen next.” says Tilghman. I don’t like to tell people what show I’m working on because then the questions start coming. I also love when they talk about how the show or the particular episode changed their life.”

“This Is Us,” filmed in Los Angeles, airs on NBC, with its season 2 finale airing March 13.



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