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Bowlegged Lou Has Important Health News from Twin Sisters/Nurses Shaun Rivers & Kim Ketter

bowlegged lou & shaun & kim
Shaun Rivers, Bowlegged Lou, Kim Ketter

*Hey this is Bowlegged Lou of Full Force & here is a health news followup. FIRST, I implore ALL people but especially my African brothers and sisters who are statistically neglectful to get doctor checkups & examinations. Don’t take yourselves for granted.

Please go to the doctor or clinic for a simple checkup or examination. Don’t make yourself regret not checking up on YOU!! Do it now if you’ve been lazy or neglectful. Don’t wait till it’s almost too late to the point where you start playing catch up with your health. Life is too short. 

Some of you may already know that I suffer from a disease call Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a disease of the eyes that medical doctors say eventually leads to blindness. I stay proactive and positive as I know God has his miracles.

I’m a strong advocate of supporting others so I want to make the spotlight shine on my dear friends which I call my twin engines. They are special diabetes nurses by the name of Shaun Rivers and Kimberly Ketter. They both also have congestive heart failure but they keep on keepin’ On. They both are Inspirations to me and many others. My Hope with a Vizion organization has aligned with their Case Management Associates Initiative. They both are also intricate twin engines with the American Heart Association. Please read their short inspirational story below of aligning and helping others. God bless them both !!


shaun rivers & kim netter
Twin sisters/nurses Shaun Rivers and Kimberly ‘Kim’ Ketter


My name is Shaun Rivers and I am an Advanced Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist. My identical twin sister Kimberly Ketter, who is an Adult Nurse Practitioner and I own and operate Case Management Associates LLC Diabetes Wellness Center located in Petersburg, VA. It is a state-of-the-art diabetes wellness center with the goal of providing comprehensive holistic care for the persons living with diabetes by focusing on the mind, body and spirit. We have always had an interest in diabetes management, especially in the under-served communities.   We have been in the nursing field for 25 years, and our journey has not always been an easy one. At the age of 40, my twin and I were diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.

Kim started having vague symptoms of the disease such as shortness of breath and difficulty climbing stairs.  She thought her symptoms may be due to being overworked or just not exercising enough.  She fell ill during her shift in the emergency room and was  referred to cardiology by her primary provider.  The diagnosis was not what she expected.

Congestive Heart Failure or any type of heart disease did not run in our family. She did know that Congestive Heart Failure can be genetic. During the same time, I was having some of the same symptoms, but ignored them as well, thinking of course I was also overworked or de-conditioned.  However, after discussing it with Kim, I went for a cardiac work up and was given the same devastating diagnosis of CHF.  Kim and I have lived with CHF now for 9 years.  We continue to use this diagnosis not as a crutch, but as a platform to educate the community on heart health and disease prevention.

One of our patients goes by the name of Mr. David Moore. We have had the pleasure of working with Mr Moore at Case Management Associates LLC & he is not only being seen for diabetes management, but also needed assistance with activities of daily living related to his visual impairment.  Hope With a Vizion is an organization that has been instrumental in assisting us with meeting the needs of this sight impaired patient.

Bowlegged Lou of Full Force is the founder of Hope with a Vizion. He himself has a vision impaired eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Bowlegged Lou remains positive and vigilant as he does all he can to be proactive and at the same time through his team & organization to help others with vision impaired deficiency.

Mr. David Moore has visual loss due to a disease called Ocular Sarcoidosis. A part of Mr. Moore’s struggle was that he was not coping well with his disability, therefore his diabetes was not controlled. He relied heavily on his wife and others for much of his activities of daily living including dosing and administering his daily insulin.  After an in-depth conversation with Mr. Moore, we discovered that for us to better manage his diabetes, he must accept his limitations yet be able to function more independently.

Hope With a Vizion was that vehicle to assist us and Mr. Moore in obtaining that goal.  Case Management Associates put Mr. Moore in contact with Hope With a Vizion’s Regina Hall(President) and Rhonda Lewis(Advocate) and they began to work with him to formulate a plan of care.  Hope With a Vizion’s assessment concluded that Mr. Moore had been depressed since he lost his sight and was grieving his loss of independence.

Today, because of the work and efforts of Hope With a Vizion & personal uplifting conversations with Regina Hall,  Bowlegged Lou and Rhonda Lewis…. Mr. Moore is in contact with the Virginia Rehab Center for The Blind and Vision Impaired where he will be re-assessed for self-management and independent living skills.  Mr. Moore has become more independent and self-reliant. His outlook on life is more positive and because of the collaborative efforts between Case Management Associates LLC and Hope With a Vizion, his diabetes is better controlled.

(Also shout out to Katrina Dawson & Charmin Anderson of

shaun rivers & kim netter1
Sisters Kim Ketter and Shaun Rivers



Shaun Rivers MSN RN ADCNS
Case Management Associates LLC
Office: 804-324-5051
Fax: 804-324-5049

Kimberly Ketter MSN, RN AGNP-C, CDE
Case Management Associates LLC
Office: 894-324-5049
Fax: 804-324-5049

Regina Hall (President of Hope With A Vizion) – Direct Line>1-718 374 6864

Please check out short video below regarding diabetes & vision deficiency as Bowlegged Lou & Mr David Moore share a little bit of their story & testimonial about their health journey.



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