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You’ll Never Guess What Weird Superstitions These Celebrities Have

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*Many of us will have our own unique superstitions, or ones that we can remember our grandmothers swearing by. The same is also true of celebrities.

Celebrities aren’t renowned for being reserved and cautious, and they certainly don’t do things by halves. That’s why they too have strange obsessions and lucky charms. From wearing lucky necklaces to avoiding walking under ladder, we’ve explored some of them below.

Strange superstitions

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Friday 13th is still one of the most predominant superstitions around. As soon as it approaches you’ll find people commenting about it and wondering whether they should head out of the house in case something bad happens.

However, singer Taylor Swift isn’t put off by Friday 13th. In fact, she welcomes it. She was born on 13th December, which also meant that, on Friday 13th, she turned 13. After 13 weeks, her first album became a gold-selling one and when she’s in with a chance of winning an award, she sees 13 popping up wherever she goes, which means she’s going to win.

On 13th September, 2009, she secured her first MTV VMA. And, despite this being the year her feud with Kanye West began, it still worked in her favour.

More commonly, however, is the superstition surrounding black cats, particularly in America.

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Rapper Missy Elliott, for example, won’t go anywhere near them. And if she does see one crossing her path, she’ll turn around, freak out and go back home.

Walking under a ladder is another common sign of bad luck, with actresses Emma Roberts and Kristin Chenoweth both avoiding this.

Where does this superstition come from? Many believe it dates back to the medieval times, where the gallows was the most common place you’d see a ladder. This meant, if you were walking underneath it, you’d be the next one facing your death. However, don’t panic if you do end up walking under a ladder without realising because if you reverse your path and go back under the ladder, it reverses your bad luck. As does crossing your fingers when you next see a dog and walk past it (random, we know!).

In stark contrast to these celebrities who have superstitions, actor Christian Bale welcomes the consequences of doing something that goes against a superstition – for example, walking under a ladder.

Lucky charmsarina - belt

Colin Farrell has a lucky belt he wears when filming (Source: Pexel)

There are several celebrities who choose to try and get themselves ahead in their careers or get themselves out of certain scrapes by wearing lucky charms.

Actor Colin Farrell, for example, is convinced the leather belt that was bestowed to him by his father brings him lots of luck. In fact, when it went missing, he even offered up a £16,000 reward for the person who found it and gave it back to him.

Not satisfied with this belt alone, though, Colin’s also said to don a specific pair of boxer shorts when he starts filming a new project. These boxer shorts aren’t just adorned in shamrocks, but on the waistband there are also the words: ‘The luck of the Irish.’

Another celebrity who swears by their lucky charm is Cameron Diaz. She wears a horseshoe necklace (ends up, obviously, so she never runs out of luck) that was given to her by her friend. But how is this necklace lucky? It’s anti-aging, apparently!

Cameron also admits that she’s quite superstitious on the whole, constantly touching wood to try and ward off bad luck. However, she also says that she’s flown on Friday 13th while having a black cat sat on her knee – so she can’t be too superstitious, can she?

Fortune-bringing wardrobesarina - shoes

Many celebrities have lucky items of clothing – Source: Pexel

A lot of people will also have lucky garments that they like to wear to bring them good luck – rather like Farrell who wears his boxer shorts

In fact, according to this survey by Winkslots.com, some of the most popular items for good luck are:

  • Pants – 24%
  • Jewellery – 17%
  • Socks – 11%
  • Shoes – 8%
  • Shirts – 5%

These items are commonly worn for a number of things, including exams, first dates, job interviews, sports events and nights out.

So what items of clothing make up a celebrity’s ‘lucky’ wardrobe? Well, actress Helen Mirren attributes some of her good luck at award ceremonies to what she deems ‘stripper shoes’. Her lucky pair of Perspex heels has served her well for many years.

Why? Because every time she wears them to events where she’s been nominated she’d has an extra seven inches height, which makes her feel taller and more confident. Someone else who suggests her luck is all down to the shoes she wore is Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. She insists that wearing a pair of Marc Jacobs heels (which were well out of her price range) landed her the lucrative role.

Having moved to New York and losing her luggage on the flight there, she had no clothes and hardly any money. But when she saw these red leopard-print shoes she couldn’t resist. She said to her Mum that she couldn’t afford them and her rent, and her Mum told her that her rent would always wait. And as she bought the shoes she visualised that they’d be the shoes that helped her get the job, which they did.

Which lucky charms might work for you?

arina - jewelry

If you like the sound of bringing some more good luck your way, you may want to find your own good luck charm.

In fact, scientists believe that putting your faith in an item, like a lucky pair of shoes or a piece of jewellery, brings luck to your side because you really do believe you can do better. This makes you feel strong, protected and confident, which can help dramatically when you’re trying to get a new job, are playing poker, want to impress on a date or are entering a race or competition. That self-belief can count for a lot, after all.



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