Thursday, May 26, 2022

EUR Exclusive! Bowlegged Lou’s Update on Eye Treatment to Try to Save His Sight (Pics/Video)

*Hey everybody, this is Bowlegged Lou from Full Force! To friends & family, last week I started part 2 from a year ago of this more intensive acupuncture with electro light laser eye treatment for 2 weeks in Jersey with Dr. Rosenfarb to keep fighting this retinitis pigmentosa scenario which has no cure right now, as all medical experts say leads to blindness. However, I know God provides miracles; I know, because I’ve witnessed a lot of them in my lifetime.

Dr. Rosenfarb of Acupuncture Health Associates is my alternative doctor who also inspires and motivates his patients with 2 hour talk sessions every week with question and answers as well.

The talk session was eye opening (No pun intended) he tells you what supplements to take and he tells you about the right foods to eat as well as to lower your stress levels,exercise and to be prayerful and optimistic.

I’m a firm believer of Mind Over Matter and having the will to conquer all. I’ve had improvement with him as my diagnosis shows but I just got to keep at it. Some improvement is better than no improvement at all.

bowlegged lou - lou & dr rosenfarb
Bowlegged Lou and Dr. Rosenfarb of Acupuncture Health Associates

Awhile ago I had lost a little color contrast which is what keeps you seeing all the colors of the world. As the medical docs say…with this disease before it takes your sight completely, your eyes starts seeing in black and white with no more color. Ain’t that crazy?

Again everybody’s individualized and I do not own up to none of this stuff no matter what the medical doctors say. It’s all about trying to stop the progression of anymore sight loss of which I have no peripheral sideways or up and down.

Because of the damage of the cones and rods of my retina,those cells can’t be retrieved anymore which is what the medical doctors say BUT this alternative AccuVision treatment of waking up some of the dormant cells to recover vision while also tryin to keep what vision i have, has been a blessing with Dr Rosenfarb. Of course it is not an easy ride but i remain vigilant,proactive, prayerful and positive. Eye Got This!

P.S. And to my friends and family that have lost their sight because of any vision impaired scenarios> The battle is not lost …because we are never totally blind as we will always have vision within and hope within as we stay pushing and living while praying and supporting one another.

bowlegged lou - lou & david moore
Me (Bowlegged Lou) with James Moore who Lost His sight while driving. David is visually impaired. Lou and his team presented Dave and his wife Shannon with a special appreciation plaque and dinner

bowlegged lou - Charmin Anderson, regina hall, Cheryl Tolanda Reaves
Charmin Anderson & Regina Hall of with Lou (Me) & Cheryl Tolanda Reaves who has Retinitis Pigmentosa but remains strong and positive

Shout out to some of the folk in the Carolinas & Virginia I visited & supported recently with Regina Hall & Charmin Anderson of my initiative to hear & share prayers & cares with gifts, home makeovers, dinner, plaques, poems and just our in-person presence all on behalf of > James Moore Who Lost His sight while driving but maintains positivity along with the support of his beloved wife ShannonAnd his twin engine nurses Shaun & Kim Ketter of Case Mgt Associates llc/ Cheryl Tolanda Reaves who lost most of her sight to retinitis Pigmentosa but maintains her prayer & positivity with Independence and a great support system from her husband Larry, her sister Ana and the rest of her family and friends/ Rhonda Lewis who has low vision but maintains positivity as she’s an advocate as well/ Tiesha Wesson & her husband James Council whose 2 young children 19 year old Christopher and 16 year old Ketara has Retinitis Pigmentosa and also hearing disabilities. All of them maintain positivity and optimistic hope with their situation.

bowlegged lou - jennifer harris & chubb rock
Bowlegged Lou with Jennifer Harris of Winning Warriors Foundation along with hip hop’s own Chubb Rock as they both received surprised special plaques from Bowlegged Lou and

And we even found time to go to an event and surprise and support another organization that do great work for our veterans called the winning Warriors Foundation headed by Jennifer Harris/ Our dear friend and brother Chubb Rock was performing at that event and we surprised him with a full force appreciation plaque from peer-to-peer and brother to brother.

bowlegged lou - lou & lee bailey
Me (Lou) and one of my legendary mentors: Mr. Lee Bailey.

Lastly, I want to give a special shout-out to my dear beloved friend & one of my mentors Mr. Lee Bailey of and RadioScope. Unbeknownst to Mr. Bailey, he was such a big creative influence in my life when it comes to creativity and talent. His RadioScope syndicated show was so ahead of its time as they were the first Urban Entertainment Tonight on the airwaves mixed with music,celebrity interviews, comedy, serious topics, all the latest news and gossip along with on the point critiques and opinions of anybody. Lord they used to give some brutal attacks to my group full force and our Jheri curls back in the day. I want to say thank you to Lee for always calling to check on me just because and of course I’m that way with him vice versa. It’s just always a great thing to love and support one another. Thanks again Lee!





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