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On ‘The Real’: Things Get Emotional When Bobby Brown Speaks on Difficult Scene in ‘Bobby Brown Story’

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*On Friday, March 2, the hosts of “The Real” celebrate Fri-Yay with guest co-host Mel B. The ladies recall the times they’ve cried in public places and Mel B talks about volunteering at a safe house for domestic violence victims and how sisterhood helped with her own domestic violence experience.

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Singer Bobby Brown and wife Alicia Etheredge visit to discuss their “Celebration of Serenity Gala,” in remembrance of his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, and he gives the scoop about his BET movie The Bobby Brown Story and his most difficult scene to film.

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Also, the first Showtime at the Apollo winner, George Lovett drops by and the ladies welcome The Real Radio Remix Contest winners, Detroit’s DJ Dr. Darrius and J Reed. J Reed performs his song, “Love Me” and shares his story of how Tina Lawson blessed he and his fiancé’s upcoming wedding.

DJ Dr. Darrius and J Reed. J

The Sisterhood That Helped Mel B With Her Domestic Violence Experience

Bobby Brown’s Most Difficult Scene to Film In The Bobby Brown Story

Tina Lawson Blessed The Real’s Radio Remix Winner’s Upcoming Wedding!

The Sisterhood That Helped Mel B With Her Domestic Violence Experience

Mel B: I did go to a safe house two weeks ago, which was a voluntary place that this woman owns…

Loni Love: Uh-huh.

Mel B: And she looks after women that are… I can’t even talk because I am going to cry, have experienced and have gone through domestic violence. So, I spent the whole day with them, cheering them up, I got their hair and make-up done, I got little purple roses.

Loni: Aww.

Mel B: And so they were really, really happy. But then they started to tell me their stories and I’m like no, no no. [imitates crying]

Loni: No.

Mel B: Because I wanted them all to feel good.

Adrienne Houghton: Yeah.

Loni: Right.

Mel B: So that was my, me giving back. You know, some women have been through the mill. And to come out of something like that and be a survivor. I was like, “I want to spend the day with each and every one of you.”

Loni: Yeah.

[The Real audience applauds]

Loni: That’s important. That’s important.

Adrienne: That’s great reason to shed a tear.

Mel B: But I cried all day.

Adrienne: Wow.

Loni: What did you, what were you telling the women, I mean you could relate, I understand that was emotional, but what do you tell a person that’s…

Adrienne: That’s been through that…

Loni: That’s been through that?

Mel B: Well everyone has their own story. And I think most of it starts off with being emotional, emotionally abused. And feeling very vulnerable. And then the guys swoop in and take advantage of that. So once the woman knows that that is unacceptable, and they do bible studies at this place…

Jeannie Mai: Wow.

Mel B: They get reeducated, and they get to feel their self-worth. From there, from theirselves, and get to feel respect. And it’s a whole community of women, there’s about 45 women in this house that this one woman runs by herself.

Loni: Wow.

Mel B: And it’s all volunteers that help.

Loni: Wow, that is awesome.

Adrienne: That is really beautiful. That is awesome.

Loni: We have to do more of that, that’s true sisterhood. You know?

Jeannie: Yeah.

Adrienne: Yes, we do. Absolutely.

Loni: I am so glad you’re doing that, has that helped you, with what you’ve been through?

Mel B: Yes! Oh my God yes. Because you know, when you’re going through something like that you think you’re completely alone. But you’re not, and there’s many people…

Loni Love: That’s right.

Mel B: Even sitting right here, right now that have had some kind of experience on domestic violence.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Mel B: Well it be abusive, physically or mentally, so well done for being here.




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