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The ‘Haves and the Have Nots’ Fans Fight to Re-Unite Hanna & Michael

ro brooks, the have and the have nots, michael and hanna
Ro Brooks Fans Demand Hanna & Michael Re-Unite

*When we last saw Hanna and Michael (played by actors Crystal Fox and Ro Brooks on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots” HAHN on the OWN Network), they were cuddled on her couch and discussing their future together.

She was telling him how fine and chocolate he was. Hanna expressed that she really didn’t want to stop dating him, however, she needed some time to get her emotions in check and promised to call him when she was ready to move forward in the relationship.

ro brooks, the have and the have nots, michael and hanna

Michael understood and responded like a handsome gentleman by assuring her that he would be available whenever she called. It’s been a while now and Hanna hasn’t called yet, however, she has experienced a lot of crazy drama in her life since her departure from Michael. Someone tried to murder Hanna by driving their car through her home, she’s been homeless living in a hotel with her sick grandchild, ostracized by her children, and through all of this, Hanna had no one in whom she could confide.

Ro Brooks in demand

The HAHN fans are asking “Where are you Michael?” He is the perfect man for Hanna. They also have a lot in common: Michael’s grandchild and her son were both run over by Wyatt, both lost their grandchildren and both are single and lonely. More importantly, they have the greatest chemistry on screen, and who can forget the hot and steamy love scene?

Hanna and Michael’s relationship is the kind that we all dream of having – a relationship that is organic, sincere and birthed out of friendship. Our most beloved relationships consist of these ingredients.

Hanna and Michael’s euphoric chemistry is reminiscent of some of the most beautiful relationships we adore such as Barack & Michelle Obama, Kevin & Kyra Bacon, Sterling K. & Ryan Brown, and Tom & Rita Hanks. Like the noted love birds, they share the same core values and that, in itself, is one of the driving forces that makes Hanna and Michael’s “anticipated” committed love connection news worthy. Just like any love connection or break up, you want to be updated. It doesn’t matter what season you first tuned in to the HAHN, the fans are assuring the connection between Hanna and Michael lives on.

Ro Brooks

The fans want Michael back! They are truly yearning for Michael to return to the show and expressed themselves on social Media

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Will Tyler Perry acknowledge the pandemonium of the fans and consider bringing Michael ( Ro Brooks ) back to the show next season? The pressure is on for Tyler to respond and appease the fans. Let Tyler Perry and the HAHN producers know how you really feel. Tagging Tyler Perry and Oprah and the Own Networks may be just the pinch to bring Hanna’s love back to the show next season. Ro Brooks come back.

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