Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Bokeem Woodbine Talks Tupac’s Last Aspirations [EUR Exclusive!]

*It has been over two decades since the assassinations of two legendary Hip Hop artist, the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur whose murders were left unsolved leading to a variety of conspiracy theories on their deaths, as well as to who was involved.

USA Network premiered their 10 part mini-series, ”  Thursday at Avalon in Hollywood and, EUR correspondent Jay Styles was there to talk with the cast and attendees.

Executive Producer Mark Taylor speaks on the aim of the mini-series as well as the re-introduction of their friendship to the audience.

“These two men were amazing”, Taylor said. “Their humanity are not frequently apart of the examination of them and we wanted to bring that front and center, and make that apart of the examination, and really re-introduce people to the fact that they were friends, and that they were so incredibly young, and they had so much of their lives ahead of them, when their lives were cut short.”

Actor Bokeem Woodbine who plays Detective Daryn Dupree, shared a close relationship with Tupac, and all the while making an appearance in his 1996 “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” video. Woodbine speaks on Tupac’s last aspirations of being in more films and doing some community activism.

“Pac wanted to do a lot more films….and he was talking about going into… I don’t want to say civic duty or social work but community activism,” Woodbine said.  And he also wanted to undercut the idea that record labels and the industry could profit off of black men killing each other”.

Up and coming actor Wavyy Jonez who plays Biggie in the mini-series, speaks on separating himself from the conspiracy theories that he has heard to doing his own research and talking with the cast and executive producers.

“I’ve never been one to judge anybody, I don’t want to judge anybody that’s not what I do,” Jonez said.  So walking into it, it was a couple of theories I’ve heard that fit right in the script…I’m like is this another one but, really sitting down with these people and researching for myself and I said wow, this stuff is really true, this happened and Unsolved a lot of people are going to be able to see what happened behind the scenes that we did not even know about.”

Marcc Rose who plays Tupac says that a lot of people will be able to pull a lot of information from the mini-series as well as draw their own conclusions.

Be sure to catch the premiere on the USA Network Tuesday, February 27th 10/9c.




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