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After Whoopi, Mo’Nique Goes At it with Charlamagne (Does She Get Schooled Again? – WATCH)

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charlamagne & mo'nique

*It was just day or 2 ago that we reported on Mon’Nique‘s appearance on “The View” where she got schooled by Whoopi over antics of not wanting to promote “Precious.” After that she sat down with the “The Breakfast Club” crew.

Put it this way. Just like Whoopi was straight up with her, Charlamagne Tha God didn’t bite his tongue with her, either.

“When I heard you say that you wanted us to boycott [Netflix] because of racial and gender bias … I wanted to know why did you feel like you should have gotten whatever Chris Rock got, whatever Dave Chappelle got, whatever Amy Schumer got … We all know Mo’Nique is a legend, but we also know that those deals that Netflix are giving out are based on recent stand-up shows,” Charlamagne told the comedian during her appearance on “The Breakfast Club” Friday.

“I don’t think Amy Schumer is funny, but she did sell out 50 arenas around the world, including MSG, and HBO wanted her as well, so she created a bidding war on those stats, so I assume that’s the reason her number was at that place,” he continued.


monique & charlamagne

As her retort, Mo’Nique, 50, cited her box office stats for “Almost Christmas” versus Schumer’s for “Snatched,” but grew irritated when Charlemagne pointed out that Schumer’s Netflix deal was signed before “Snatched” hit theaters.

However Charlamagne, 39, wouldn’t budge.

“I just don’t understand how you can justify making $13 million in 2018 for a stand-up special … Was there a bidding war between platforms? Do you do the numbers in ticket sales that Chris Rock does, that Dave Chappelle does, that Amy Schumer does? … Why can’t you and [husband] Sidney [Hicks] book arena tours?” he asked Mo’Nique. “Have you received other offers from other streaming services? Or other places period?”

Mo’Nique blamed her woes on “being blackballed.”

The Oscar winner ended her interview with her opinion of Charlamagne’s impact on the black community.

“When you hear this brother’s voice come over the air, he does not have a value on black women and women of color,” she said, adding, “Unless he knew all the information and he could back up his statements, but as we sit here and we did this interview, you begin to ask questions that you should have asked before you made the statements.”

Watch the full interview below.



  1. Lennard the devil is garbage.

    He once said something about Black women weren’t as hungry as that racist blond Tomi Lahren.
    Even though he bleached his skin,he dismissed colorism in the Hispanic community when that Sister who came on his platform brought it up And now he called this Sister a donkey of the day without having all the facts. I’m sure there is more but I don’t really listen to his act. I put him up their with Tavis,FAKE! They have platforms that people need,but they are sneaky.

    Our standards keep getting lower.

    I may not be a big fan of Mo (loved the Parkers though because of her plus the crew and respect her hustle and courage) however what she is saying is not far fetched.

    Haven’t Viola Davis and Tracee Ellis Ross also complained about how they are being paid. This is not new Redd Foxx was pissed about his checks and conditions when he was doing Sanford and Son and there have been plenty of people since in Hollywood with issues of how they are being paid and they’ve done it publicly.

    And not just Black people,all colors. The Brother and Sister on Hawaii 5-o,one of those White female actresses etc etc.

    • I am so in agreement with your point. It is so disheartened to see other black folks making this issue about Mo’Nique simply because they do not want to address the real problem of INEQUALITY. This is nothing new. Black women have been getting lowballed for decades. Back in 1997 when Della Reese who was the known star of Touched By An Angel was lowballed she did not keep it quiet. She called a press briefing and let the world know that even though she had had a 30 years career, she only got 12% raise in pay compared to her white co-star’s (Roma Downey) 100% increase, even though Roma was new to the business.
      Yet we do not see black people seeing the bigger picture, they keep making it about Mo’Nique and I suspect it is also because they have picked sides and to support Mo’Nique’s stance in their mind is to go against Tyler, Oprah, Lee, Will Packer. Well none of these people is paying my bills so I do not see why I should take sides over what is right. I stand with Mo’Nique because she is standing for all black women.

  2. NEVER been a fan at all of Whoopi she went out with Ted Danson when he put that blackface on and defended him and that play she first came out with when she was a nobody. People from New York know what I’m talking about,her cooning ass commercial played relentlessly.

    • I did not know that about Whoopi as I only grew up seeing her in films, but I immediately lost all respect and regard for her after she attacked Mo’Nique about “schooling” her when she knows the culture of inequality toward black women is real. Shame on Whoopi.

  3. @Fisher Jack, Neither Whoopi nor Charlamagne “schooled” Mo’Nique. Mo’Nique stood her ground and left as the heroine of the mess other BLACK PEOPLE tried to create because they do not know their self-worth. I used to have respect for Whoop but now I know she is simply a part of the SYSTEM of inequality. Black people like Whoopi are all about how can I get by. They do not have the courage to STAND UP and speak out against injustice towards other black women. Mo’Nique is doing that. Viola Davis has come forward and made a profound statement against inequality. Yet here we have FISHER JACK taking time to make this about Mo’Nique because it is clear in FISHER JACK’s world Black and White are totally equal and slavery and the need for the Civil Rights Movement and even Black Lives Matter is an unrealistic fiction.
    This issue is bigger than Mo’Nique. Black female entertainers heave been getting a raw deal for decades in Hollywood and it is time for it to stop. SHAME on anyone, especially a black person who continues to make this about Mo’Nique when the opportunity is there to make this about what it truly is which is INEQUALITY.

  4. Thank you! I am so tired of Black folks falling for the diversion, which is let’s talk at nauseum about how Monique wasn’t worth the offer instead of listening to what she is saying and having a conversation about inequality, which is the core of her argument. Boycott or not, she is talking about inequality. Many people opposed to Monique say, “What has she ever stood for”? What have most celebrities (Black or not) stood for? Yet, MOST of them have complained about lower pay than their white counterparts. Should we dismiss it because they aren’t activist? Monique has been outspoken for YEARS about the inequities in Hollywood, long before her Netflix boycott. Then, they say, “Monique should just take the money and sit down.” Well, that’s part of the problem. Everybody is just keeping their mouths closed because they don’t want to get dragged. Nothing changes when you do that. Even if Monique’s boycott was self-serving, she was still telling the truth about the pay gap. Why aren’t we talking at nauseum about that. It’s like, “Massa don’ gave us a lot. Just be quiet. You not worth that much anyway.” I know that sounds dramatic, but so much of the hate she is getting feels like that. How can anybody decide someone’s worth? It is subjective. If I feel like I am worth more, I have a right to fight for it, All anybody should be saying is, “I hope she gets what she is fighting for,” as opposed to taking the side of corporate America and in essence saying, “she isn’t worth much at all.” I just can’t fix my mouth to say something like that about another Black women when PLENTY of white folks in Hollywood have been getting PAID after several movie flops, bad attitudes and poor behavior. But, as usual, we accept everything when it isn’t us and find a way to agree with the masses and tear down our own when certain situations arise. SMH

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