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Apryl Jones Talks Self Love and Knowing Your Worth During Intimate Conversation with EURweb

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To me that’s self-love, just caring for yourself and all your needs and really knowing who you are in the midst of it.”- Apryl Jones

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On Sunday, February 18, The Doll House Beauty and CHAR {ANT} GOLD presented a Self Care and Wine Tasting event hosted by Apryl Jones. Not a dry eye was in the packed room as ladies from all over Los Angeles shared their personal and life experiences on self-love, life, career, relationships and more.

EURweb’s Maurita Salkey got a chance to speak with the former ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” star, now full-time mom and entrepreneur about her new business venture Apryl Wines and her personal journey.  

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1.You have such a remarkable testimony and story into starting your own business and life after TV. What are some things people may not know about you that you want people to know?

   Well, I think there are so many things people don’t know about me. Because I was on a national reality TV show people know me based off being in that relationship, being with Omarion, so people are probably like this is just the baby mother to Omarion, but that’s okay. When or if you would have got to know me, you would know that I was raised in the projects, someone that did not grow up with a mother or a father, father incarcerated, mom struggled so she to give two of her kids up. I’m the baby four, she had to give me and my sister up. Then after we got older, she moved us back. So you know that dynamic, I played the violin, I have a degree in radiation science so you know I could be working a 9-5 job but I just choose not to. I chose a different path. I own my wine as well.


  1. Talk to me about your journey to Hollywood and the obstacles you faced.

    All of my life experiences, being a child I saw so much disappointment. I didn’t want to have to face disappointment anymore, so I relied on myself. Growing up and feeling that, that’s really a lonely space to be in. Like God, how am I going to get by but also saying to myself Apryl you’re going to get by, your going to prove yourself. I didn’t want to go back to the roaches, or that type of living. I have always been that person who was true to myself and it guided me all the way to California. Going through high school, college, trying to figure out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to become. I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to be an OGBYN. But then I realized it was too much school, I am a creative person, I love music, I love the arts. I got my degree in radiation science but however, I have an Asian mother so that’s a really strict household to be in. I went to school, Worked for two years in one of the best hospitals in Chicago, then I realized it was not for me. I packed my bags with $5,000 in it and moved to Cali. It was a struggle when I got here, I almost went homeless. It was tough, for a dream, but you have to risk it. You have to know if you really want something, the journey is not going to be easy to get to your blessing. I didn’t care what I had to get through, I just did it and I’m here now.


  1. What are some personal qualities that you feel helped throughout your journey?

    My life experiences. Sometimes people look at bad experiences at just being bad but I look at those bad experiences as being good, it really shaped me into being someone who can handle. If you lived your life being handed a silver spoon, most of the times you don’t really know how to get through life. But if you’re a person who struggled, someone who saw a lot of hurt, pain, you can overcome that because you know what it feels like to be in that space. That aspect for me, going through all that baggage, put me in a position in my life to say I know that I’m always going to be okay. Whatever relationship, friendship, struggle, I’ve been through I know I’m going to be okay.


  1. What was it like being on such a popular reality show and hearing constant opinions from millions of people regarding your personal life?

   I didn’t care. I really did not care. I did the show with someone I was involved with. We discussed why we’re going to do it and we did it for us. There was no other entity that mattered. I’m not the type of person scrolling through my social media comments and fighting back at people. I might have a day or two where I’m like you know what, let me say a thing or two. At the end of the day, I’m  not living for you.


  1. Did you always have a lot of confidence or was that something you developed over time?

No, it was definitely developed over time. I still have some days where I’m not always happy. I really attribute my confidence in God. No matter what I go through, he’s always there for me and he gives me clarity during some of my most chaotic moments.


  1. How did that idea come about to start your own wine collection?

   A friend introduced me to a wine company who was looking to brand with someone who had a big following. Through that and the grace of God, I connected with them and I created my own wine collection. I tell people all the time, you can own something, but what are you going to do with the thing that you own. I prayed about it, it did not come overnight, but it came to me, like Apryl help people, Jesus broke bread with his disciples and they went out and spread the gospel. That’s what I wanted my wine collection to be about. Giving back to the mothers who are tired and just need something to unwind to or day off, giving to women who don’t feel sexy or pretty enough. That’s how the idea for my wine collection came about which I’m grateful for.


  1. How do you feel like you’ve grown professionally as well as personally from 2012 and being that young girl coming out here with a dream to now?

    Just in totality, when you go through things you see a lot. You see how hungry and evil people can be to get to the top. I never wanted to be that type of person, I wanted to stay true to myself. I’ve grown 100 percent, I have a profession now. I’m in a happy space where I can be an amazing person to my kids, I love myself, I’m dope, I feel like tI have his inner-power in me, I love that I can give back, give myself to more people, I’m just really in a happy space now.


  1. What’s something you will tell your 18-year old self?

    Live more and stress less!

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