Thursday, October 6, 2022

Omarosa Briefly Hospitalized After Reported Asthma Attack in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House (Watch)

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Omarosa running with inhaler hand (CBS)
Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa running with inhaler hand (CBS)

*Going into this week’s Head of Household competition on “Celebrity Big Brother,” Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam – the self-titled BGM (Black Girl Magic) alliance – were targeted for eviction by the entire rest of the house, except Metta World Peace.

In the midst of all this, Omarosa was taken to the hospital with asthma problems during the “Bowlerina” HOH competition, which required houseguests to spin around 12 times before attempting to knock down four pins with a bowling ball in 12 seconds. Contestants had to repeat the cycle until all four of their pins were bowled down.

Facing Marissa Jaret Winokur during her opening round, Omarosa spun herself into an alleged asthma attack. Donald Trump’s former aide rushed to pick up her inhaler and headed straight for the diary room to seek medical attention.

“I have a terrible sense of balance and my equilibrium has always been off so i knew I was going to struggle,” she said during her one-on-one account of the ordeal. “I couldn’t breathe. It’s really, really difficult to breathe. I knew I had to act fast or I was in big trouble with my asthma.” The castmates learned Omarosa had been hospitalized after the game ended – sparking concern about her well-being and whether she would be returning.

Watch below:

An estimated 19 hours later, Omarosa returned to the house saying she had “a really rough night.”

She added: “I was admitted to the hospital… we were able to get my asthma under control. It was a really scary experience. Thank God I am back in the game.




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