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Veronica Vega Talks Amara La Negra Beef & Using the N-word in Her Music

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*”Love & Hip Hop Miami” star Veronica Vega recently offered some clarity about the disagreement she had with Amara La Negra during the most recent episode of the VH1 reality TV series.

In case you missed it, Amara doesn’t feel Veronica properly stood up for her during her disagreement with producer Young Hollywood. Vega believes Amara should get over it since he apologized for disrespecting her “black image.”

Veronica says that while she and Amara did not always get along while filming, she thinks her experience as an Afro-Latina is a vital topic on the show.

I do understand that what [the show] is focusing on is important to a community that isn’t spoken to. I will say the hair thing is important and culture is important and it’s a conversation that needs to be had,” she tells Bossip — watch via the clip above. 

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Young Hollywood (L) and Amara La Negra of Love & Hip Hop: Miami
Young Hollywood (L) and Amara La Negra of Love & Hip Hop: Miami

During the interview, Veronica, who is of Venezuelan and Cuban descent, also explains why she feels comfortable using the n-word in her music. 

I’m from Miami and in the community I grew up in we used the word as a form of endearment and most times to refer to a male. I was introduced to it when I learned English in school by my peers… It’s a word that is very much a part of our culture.”

In a separate interview with FreddyO, Veronica further opens up about the fight she had with Amara and the backlash that followed.

As women in this industry, we come across men that want to take advantage of a situation or people criticizing your image. I faced that coming up in this industry since I was 15 years old… Some people might take my approach as mean.”

Veronica will drop a new single, “Rich P*ssy,” in February, followed by her EP in March which features appearances from Lil’ Wayne and Jeremih. The project will reportedly fuse reggae, Latin and hip-hop.

Catch Veronica’s full Interview with FreddyO below:

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