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Shirley Husar Opinion/The State of the Union: The Black Caucus Blocks Money from Black Dreamers

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*The conscious community is the only real voice for the Black America Dreamers. Not the Congressional Black Caucus, ACLU, NAACP or The Urban League. These old established black organizations are discontented with the real true pain of Black America. We have not healed as a nation of people.

The Congressional Black Caucus, a group of roughly 49 African-American representatives and senators, many of whom chose to boycott last night’s event. What will we get out of a boycott? These same people want us to unite with illegals, refugees, and Immigrants.

Black elected officials have us tied the black causes of action with DACA, and that is not right. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), EB-5, E-2, work visa and chain migration programs, has created hell in Black America. We have been here for over 400 years now they want us to move to the back of the bus.

At the state of the union address president, Trump stated: “The unemployment rate is at one of its lowest points in 16 years, with African American and Hispanic unemployment rates at their lowest recorded points.” DACA with illegals, refugees, and Immigrants is the loudest voice in the room at this year state of the union address. Black Americans have failed by not holding the Trump Administration to the promise of the Urban Renewal Agenda.

The Clamor of the Republicans and Democrats turn a blind eye to their own native sons. Disregarding American eternal inherited struggle showed to Black Americans. Like previous administration, President Trump has not fully digested the depth of what Republicans and Democrats have done to the children of the indigenous black slave families in America. The new deal Trump has shown no deals for blacks, yet gives deals to DACA.

At the state of the Union address, the Black elected official closed the minds and opportunity of what president Trump had to say. Just a year ago the Black Caucus told president Trump we (the black people) do not need any help. We had a seat at the table, and we gave it away. He even offered to meet with the Black Caucus once a quarter to solve the problems of the black community.

In March 2017 Trump Administration schedules meeting with Congressional Black Caucus. President Trump has invited all 49 members of the Congressional Black Caucus to meet with him at the White House, days after he sat down with top House Democrat and CBC member Elijah Cummings. The meeting comes weeks after April Ryan, a black reporter for the American Urban Radio Networks, asked Trump whether he planned to organize a summit with the CBC like he has with other groups of legislators. This video should you how the CBC block money for Black America. See video below:


On June 2017 The Congressional Black Caucus voted “decline” an invitation from the White House to follow up to discuss, “We have a lot to lose solutions to Advanced black families in the 21st century”. Now tell me if you get an invitation from the President of these United States of America you’re going to decline them because you don’t like the current Administration? These are idiots that are leaders in the black communities these are idiots that are leaders who have failed us. Now we have no seat at the table. In this video, you will learn the real truth about why, we fail as a nation of people. These self appointed Black leaders are playing games and we are the victims watch the update video below:

In 1990’s EB-5 program, and E-2 work visa is the fastest way to get into the USA giving immigrants leverage over an established black inter-cities. Think about it, when looking at a map from another country where do you go? What areas can you change or fit in? You go to the big cities and break into the urban black communities. Many may argue they came here with money and a small window. Many say immigrants leverage built their business from the ground up, and black people have the same chance as the immigrants, but that is not true. What businesses The Congressional Black Caucus talk about? Why can the black Republicans and the black Democrat seat at the same table and talk? We are always at war with each other when will it stop.

On June 9th 2017 the CBC posted on there twitter page we do not want to meet with the President. See Video below:

Instead The CBC leaders with other old guards of the free world inflicted generations of black families, by leveraging immigrants with EB-5 programs, and E-2 work visa. Opening the doors of the black community, and giving away there own peoples leverage of ownership. Political leaders dominance control of America stimulated the U.S. economy through job creation, capital investment by foreign investors and exterminated working Black dreamers out of their community.

Immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants come to America with money, and high hopes compare to inherited black citizens whose rights eradicated out of their neighborhood opportunities. Black Americans were the innovators in the progressive growth of America. At one point they knew how to farm, build planes, they own there banks, had our churches, and they had established a culture of people in this country that contributed a black wall street. Thanks to the infrastructure of government divisive policies endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans, governmental subsidize programs were utilized to disable their minds, to be dependent. And because of those policies, the world perception now is that black Americans are generationally lazy with no work ethic and the enslaved nation of people. Which is far from the truth, America was built off the back of blacks yet, and immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants have stolen blacks location of origin.

They have taken the shackles off of our feet and hands, and they have put it on our minds the last 50 years. CSA President Jefferson Davis wish still live on, while President Trump has shown no plan of action to deal with this inherited America problem. So how does the Trump administration solve the problem in the Black communities?

They do nothing. Instead, President Trump priority has shifted towards The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA is American immigration memo turn policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, colonizing the state of California as majority through chain migration programs. Business immigrants only hire other immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants rather than Americans. Under a first generation, black, born president, Obama, the new dreamers DACA are given life. Using the legacy of the civil rights movement and riding off the pain of the indigenous black slave’s history of suffrage. The liberal progressives have taken the civil rights hostage and merge it with DACA, refugees and illegal immigrants. Americans are dreamers too,” Trump said, in an apparent effort to reclaim the term used to describe the young immigrants in the U.S. illegally.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream too. He stood on a platform few people of color who were given during the civil rights movement and dared to demand a life better than what they had been handed. Are we now being moved back because of having no seat at the table? And other groups are stealing our civil rights. Dr. King’s dream had a visionary with eyes affixed on the horizon he stood on the precipice of social change and said, in a tone laden with hope, “I have a dream.” We are the real dreamers Black American we should unite for a better Black America. We must put our differences aside and find common ground. We have to save ourselves first. Boycott with no plan of action makes no sense.

shirley husar
Shirley Husar

Shirley Husar is an urban conservative freelance writer and CEO of, Political Activist, licensed real estate agent, Co.Founder/CEO of, a tech start-up and 2016 Surrogate for President Donald Trump for the state of California. She is also 2016 delegate for the 27th Congressional District, consisting of Pasadena, Altadena and other cities. Residing in County of Los Angeles California.

Appointed by the 38th California Governor, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger to the position of Governor Appointee Board Member for The Geologists and The Geophysicists for the State of California Governor – Appointee Board Member served for 4 years. Server as a California Republican Party Delegate, RNC Delegate for 2004 and 2017. Follow/contact Shirley via: YouTube,Twitter, FacebookLinkedin and




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