Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Did the Jay-Z and Van Jones CNN Interview Fail Black America? (Watch)

*Attorney and Emmy Nominated producer Antonio Moore has put out a video giving his perspective on the Jay-Z, Van Jones CNN interview and it’s explosive to say the least.

In the video Moore states that the interview was politically empty, and that Van Jones needed to have a better-versed guest on the state of Black America than Hov. Watch it below.

EURweb caught up to Moore and his statement was: “While I respect Jay-Z as an artist, his politics are vacuous. It attracts a couture activist who lacks a true understanding of the dire state of Black America nationally, and the Decadent Veil that covers our truth. African Americans did not need a politics show to be used to promote a Jay Z album, and Grammy appearance. We as blacks particularly need to challenge celebrity to be a a beacon  for the most disenfranchised, in the vein of Ali and Belafonte. Our country, and our people deserves better and I will give them better.”

Look for Antonio Moore on his upcoming call in show on Dash Radio under Dash Talk or his Youtube channel tonetalks. this Friday at 7pm pst. He will continue this much-needed dialogue. “Did the Jay-Z and Van Jones CNN Interview Fail Black America?” Tune in and call in to give your thoughts or comment below.

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  1. People need to stop the demonization of other Black people to further their agenda. The appropiate thing to do is work together, we are more powerful when we work together. If there is an issue with a comment by Jay Z or Van Jones it will serve everyone by having a conversation outlining one’s postions. There will be common ground and then all parties can build on that common ground. Division=Defeat

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