Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mo’Nique Came for Roland Martin and Got Flame Roasted!

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*As you no doubt know, Mo’Nique has been making a lot of noise lately on the subject of wage equality when it comes to black women in Hollywood and herself in particular. Hence her public call for a boycott of Netflix because they refuse to pay her the same kind of money they’re paying Dave Chappell or Chris Rock or even white comedienne Amy Schuler.

Still, for the most part, it’s been hard for the public and even other black women (with the possible exception of Wanda Sykes and Jada Pinkett Smith) to get behind her. And now – seemingly from out of nowhere – the actress/comedian tried to check media personality Roland Martin on his contributions to aiding women in entertainment.


#RolandMartin had a FEW words for #Monique ?

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In any event, after inquiring as to why Martin had not been aiding women in this effort, Martin responded and broke it all the way down for her. As you can see from some sample tweets below, it didn’t go too well for her.

roland-mo tweets1
roland-mo tweets2
roland-mo tweets23
roland-mo tweets4

What you may not know is that Martin’s pointed replies actually seemed to be sparked by a letter that was sent to entertainment writer/television host Jawn Murray by “Almost Christmas” producer Will Packer that highlighted Mo’Nique was difficult to work with. Below, Murray details where things are coming from as far as he’s concerned.

Now as far as Roland Martin is concerned, he also gave Mo’ something to think about … such as owning up to her actions and reminding her that the way she and her husband treats people is pretty much the reason she’s in her current situation.

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