Friday, September 30, 2022

Who Were the First Copper-Colored Indigenous Paleo Americans?

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*Are the Black Freedman Indigenous? What do the Dogons think?

The Ancient History Hunters documentary film now in pre-production will answer those questions and many more. As their team of citizen scientists and filmmakers uncover ancient historical secrets of antiquity AMERICA!

It’s all in this series of educational and entertaining documentaries … a first! Produced by independent filmmaker Diane Blackmon Bailey, founder of Blackmon Entertainment Media, based in Woodland Hills California.

Entertainment Broadcasting Friends Join Forces!
Ancient History Hunters documentary film gains momentum as veteran broadcasters, new media publishers, producers and entertainment “movers and shakers” come on board and lend support.

The all-star team, includes media power-house, Lee Bailey, Publisher of award winning, EURweb, entertainment entrepreneur, Danielle Lima-Holland, digital media communicators Spindle PR, national network broadcaster and producer, LaMarr Blackmon (Black University Radio Network), legendary radio and TV engineer and broadcaster Johnny Morris and Felisha Morris, of Morris Media Studios, Los Angeles California.

Joining the executive team is Bikbaye Inejnema as Director of Film & Music.  Inejnema  is a cultural activist, public speaker, producer, writer, spoken word rap artist and student of Dogon Kemetic High Priest, Master Naba.

Carroll Hill (Executive Producer), Hana Carter (Producer) and Terrance Church (Editor) round out the above-the line-crew.

Synopsis: A group of citizen scientists and filmmakers uncover lost and hidden antiquity history, including the recent genetic discovery of an global DNA indigenous “father gene,” confirming a kinship on every continent in the world – including America!

The Ancient History Hunters documentary film will uncover global secrets by solving ancient mysteries … further exploring a possible blood link to the legendary mythical mega-stone building lost civilizations of the world.

Visit the Ancient History Hunters documentary film’s Crowdfunding page at: www.INDIGOGO.COM/AncientHistoryHunter.

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