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Elementary School Student Unknowingly Gives Classmates Marijuana-infused Gummies

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*A 9-year-old student in New Mexico thought that she was bringing ordinary gummy bears to school to share with her classmates, but she unknowingly passed out medical marijuana edibles.

“She thought she was sharing candy, and if you saw the picture on the box, it did look like candy,” dean of elementary students Kristi Del Curtis said.

According to reports, the little girl took her grandfather’s medical candy to school and shortly after consuming about 3 or four pieces of the gummies, she started feeling dizzy during class. Newsweek reports that school authorities noticed she was acting “strange” and sent her to the nurse.

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“She started saying she couldn’t see,” Kristy Del Curto, the dean of elementary school students at Albuquerque School of Excellence, told KRQE-TV.

“I started feeling really dizzy. I felt like the room was going to flip to the side,” the student said.

After school officials discovered she had eaten THC-laced candy, they made an announcement asking if other students had eaten some. The young girl gave three friends each one gummy, KRQE-TV reports. One of the children who ate the candy thought they were normal gummies.

Paramedics were called to monitor the kids to keep an eye out for any adverse reactions. All of the parents of the children who ate the gummies were contacted, as well as the Children, Youth and Families Department, and the Albuquerque Police Department.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the weed-infused gummies belonged to the girl’s grandfather. It’s unknown if charges were filed. Reports of the incident didn’t indicate how much THC was in each gummy. 

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