Thursday, May 26, 2022

Watch the Trailer for the 50 Cent-Produced Series ‘The Oath’

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the oath
‘The Oath’

*Riding the success wave of his Starz series “Power,” 50 Cent is executive producing a new series drama for Crackle titled “The Oath,” which explores gang culture and the lives of corrupt police officers.

Crackle — a streaming service owned by Sony – released the first trailer this week ahead of its March 8 premiere.

The footage begins with a robbery at a local bank where the thieves collect as much money as they can before the police arrive. As police car sirens sound off, the robbers make their escape through a backdoor but are met by a cop car and a woman pointing a gun at the group.

The robbers and the police officer have a dramatic standoff before someone yells “clear,” and the group of thieves jumps into the police car. They peel off their costume to reveal that they are, in fact, are police officers and make their way back to the bank — showing the corrupt nature of their police organization.

“The Oath” stars Cory Hardrict, Ryan Kwanten, Arlen Escarpeta, Katrina Law, J.J. Soria, and Sean Bean. The 10-episode series was created by Joe Halpin, former Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy who worked undercover for 12 years. Todd Hoffman, Dennis Kim, and Anne Clements also executive produce the series.

Watch the trailer for “The Oath” above.





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