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Who Knew?! Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis Documented Their ‘Open Marriage’ in Joint Autobiography

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*Some years back, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis revealed in their joint autobiography that at one point during their relationship they agreed to enter into an “open marriage” and the alternative lifestyle strengthened their bond and their love for each other.

In “With Ossie and Rubie: In This Life Together,” Ruby and Ossie note that “extramarital sex was not what really destroyed marriages, but rather the lies and deception that invariably accompanied it.”

“We decided to give ourselves permission to sleep with other partners if we wished,” Ossie wrote, “as long as what we did was honest as well as private, and that neither of us exposed the family to scandal or disease.”

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While she didn’t recommend this type of lifestyle for everyone, Ruby said: “going through this experience was like rediscovery of something from the beginning.”

At the end of their open partnership experiment, Ruby and Ossie came to realize that “they were very fortunate that, in all of the deep profound, fundamental ways, they really, really only wanted each other.”

But most importantly, the two gained a deeper sense of freedom within their relationship, per

“Looking back, I’d say no matter what did or did not happen, we freed each other,” Ossie said, “and in doing that we also freed ourselves. Sex is fine, but love is better.”

They both agreed “extramarital sex isn’t something they recommend as a regular part of marriage,” but it did help them grow deeper in their love for one another.

Sexpert Glamazon Tyomi believes “It takes extraordinary strength, trust and open communication for two people who love each other to be aware of extramarital sexual relationships and still embrace each other without argument or fits of jealousy.”

Do you agree?


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