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Tom Jones: Singer Couldn’t Care Less About Meeting Homeless, Desperate Son

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*Sir Tom Jones’s estranged son is desperate to meet his entertainer father “before its too late.”

According to the Daily Mail, via the IBITimes, Jonathan Berkery, who goes by the name of Jon Jones, is an aspiring singer who sleeps on the floor of a homeless hostel. He says he’s not interested in his father’s fortune but wants to get to know him.

“I’d like to talk to him about normal stuff, like, ‘How’s your life been? This is mine,'” he tells the Mail.

Jones fathered Berkery following a brief fling with Katherine Berkery in October 1987. Although he initially denied paternity, a court-ordered DNA test proved otherwise and Jones was instructed to pay child until his son reached the age of 18.

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It wasn’t until 2008 that Jones publicly acknowledged his second child. But he made it clear that he had no intention of building a personal relationship with him.

“It wasn’t something I had planned,” Jones told Wales Online about fathering Berkery. “If I had planned it, I would have done something more than just financially. But it wasn’t. I just fell for it. I just fell for the seduction.”

Jones’ wife, Melinda Rose Woodward, died in April 2017 after a short battle with cancer.

“I just thought, now that my father’s wife has passed, he might see me, he’s getting old and he could be ill. I want to see him before it is too late,” Berkery said.

“For years I was angry and I didn’t want to see him. I was conflicted,” he explained. “Now I know life is too short. I need to get to know him. I just hope he feels the same.”

He said he emailed his half-brother Mark Woodward in the hope he could help arrange a meeting with the singer.

“I don’t want to spend my life regretting that I never made an attempt to contact you both and I would love to hear his side of everything or just have a real conversation,” the email said.

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