Thursday, February 25, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON…’Just Like My Child’ Nonprofit Organization Helping Kids in Uganda (Photos and Video!)

JLMC founder Vivian Glyck pose with protégé Nabatanzi Joan, Gala honoree, actress Viola Davis, and her daughter, Genesis Tennon at the 11th Annual JLMC Gala

*It’s always rewarding to know that our Black girls and young women all over the world are being assisted, encouraged, supported and empowered. Living in a country like America, where so much is possible, and opportunities are within reach for those who dare to dream, its often easy to forget that this is not the case in other countries around the globe.

That someone would actually take the time to not only acknowledge this truth, but work to change it, so that girl in other parts of the world can hope for a better life and greater future, is more than commendable. It has been 10 years since media mogul Oprah Winfrey opened her Leadership Academy for Girls just outside Johannesburg, in 2007. As recognized in an article by Variety , the boarding school — Winfrey reveals costs her approximately $140M to keep afloat — has since gone on to change the lives of hundreds of students in grades 8-12.

In starting the Academy, Winfrey said, “My hope was that I would give them an opportunity to see the best of themselves reflected through an open mind, an open heart, to what is possible. “And I can honestly say I have achieved that.”

But there is another foundation doing incredible work on behalf of girls and young women in Uganda. Just Like My Child, a foundation that may not be as well known. It’s founder is not a celebrity — she’s not even Black. What she is, is a woman who wanted to have another child and got 10,000 instead.

Vivian Glyck had suffered two back-to-back miscarriages and didn’t know what to do. But one day in 2006, while sitting at a stop light, she had an epiphany.

“I was sitting at a stop light and I just started to cry. And I thought to myself, ‘OK God, what am I supposed to be doing?’ If not this, then please point me in the direction. And it just became clear to me that rather than pursuing having another child what I really wanted to do was have 10,000 kids.”

JLMC founder, Vivian Glyck, is greeted by parents and children during one of her first visits to Uganda

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