Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bow Wow Ready for Late Night Takeover As Talk Show Host

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Bow Wow
via Twitter

*Bow Wow (born Shad Gregory Moss) took to Instagram to announce that he has his own late night talk show on the way, and the Internet responded by asking him to “show the receipts!”.

He captioned the above photo:

First time people saw me was on Arsenio Hall show. So its only right i go back to where it started.first let me thank him by paving the way because i wouldn’t have did what I’m about to do.

I been quietly working on a project that i felt was needed. When i hosted 106 i knew then i could do whatever (talent wise) but i did not own 106 i had little control and i gots to be the man because im a creator. So when i cant be creative well… But i learned so much to the point i will have my own late night show coming.

I get to run my own show content etc… We will have the best producers and show runners in the game! Wont be like ANYTHING ON TV. Its going to be a show YOU HAVE TO WATCH.

Music will play an important key to the show. I felt i HAD to do this. Theres no platform for hip hop artist no more. Where can they go to promote on tv other than revolt (they still growing) thats crazy 1 outlet?!! Music videos became less important. College kids and high school students have nothing at 10pm to really look forward to. Where my guest could be Kendrick lamar w j cole performing live. To having Michelle Obama on. I found my stride. I want to help the culture and this is my way of giving back to the game that made me! Get ready i’m going through set designs now.

REMEMBER I NEVER WANTED TO BE THE BEST RAPPER, but the GREATEST MULTI ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME FOR MY ERA. Ps.. I WANT MY FIRST GUEST TO BE NONE OTHER THAN LAKER LEGEND KOBE BRYANT! i want to kixk the show off w him. #shadmoss#BowcomingtolatenightTV #HISTORY#showwillbeINCREDIBLE#lasttodothisarsineohall #younglegend

One person responded to Shad’s news with “Bad Move,” while another wrote: “I need receipts Shad…what network is it on? Is there a Hollywood mag report (variety, Hollywood reporter, etc) about this talk show? Is this project greenlighted in anyway?”

Bow Wow made the transition from music artist to actor in 2002, with a cameo in “All About the Benjamins.” That same year, he made his debut as lead actor in “Like Mike.” He later began to undertake lead roles in movies such as “Johnson Family Vacation” in 2004 and “Roll Bounce” in 2005. He also played a supporting role in the film “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” in 2006. He followed that up with appearances on “Entourage,” and he currently stars as Brody Nelson in “CSI: Cyber.” As of last September, Bow Wow officially signed to Bad Boy Records, and is working on his new album, “Underrated.”

So now the question is, will you be following Shad’s transition to late night TV talk show host?


Ny MaGee
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