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Rising Star/Trevante Rhodes: From ‘Moonlight’ to ’12 Strong’ and Beyond (EUR Exclusive!)

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trevante rhodes

*If you saw “If Loving You Is Wrong” or perhaps “Song to Song,” “Open Windows,” “Shangri-La Suite” or “The Night Is Young,” you may have noticed an unfamiliar attractive young African-American actor.

Unfamiliar no more, because 2009 Pan American Junior Championship Gold Medal Relay Runner turned actor, Trevante Rhodes, still has folks buzzing about his breakthrough role in the 2017 Best Picture Oscar winner “Moonlight.”

trevante rhodes - moonlight


Trevante, who was born on February 10, 1990 in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, but moved to Little Elm, Texas at ten and excelled in sports at Little Elm High School and the University of Texas at Austin.  He garnered a ton of award nominations (and one win) for his role of the adult Chiron in “Moonlight,” and has now moved on to become a member of the cast of the upcoming film “12 Strong,” a war movie, and true story, about The Horse Soldiers; 12 Special Forces military men who went into Afghanistan after 9/11.

trevante rhodes - 12 strong

“12 Strong”

Trevante plays Ben Milo, a big burly Chicago bred weapons and demo man with a soft spot and a heart of gold, who forms a special bond with one of the Afghani children.  Ben is the one everyone looks to for a heartwarming moment.  In real life Ben is Caucasian.  Trevante had no issue playing a character who in real life is not African-American.  He felt “honored” being cast in the role and accepted it because he likes being involved in relevant projects and working with Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon and Jerry Bruckheimer were selling points.  We’ll just attribute winning the role to good casting.

In an interview, Trevante was asked how has the last three years, a rollercoaster ride, been for him and he shared the fame and recognition is beautiful and also, “it’s addicting, which is scary, but it’s amazing and you just hopefully continue to work and resonate in people that way.”

trevante rhodes - family feud

“Family Feud” video

Trevante is in demand.  Not only are you able to see him in “12 Strong,” which will be in theaters on January 19th, he is also in the cast of the upcoming “Predator” film.  If that is not enough, you can find him beating Michael B. Jordan like he stole something in the video for Jay-Z’s song “Family Feud” or in last spring’s Calvin Klein underwear ad with other ‘Moonlight” men.

trevante rhodes - calvin klein

Calvin Klein Ad

You know you have arrived when they make a meme of you, which happened after the academy award snafu when “La La Land” was announced as the winner, only to have the winner changed to “Moonlight.”  The next day there was a meme of Trevante clutching his heart ala Fred Sanford of the1970’s television program “Sanford and Son.”

trevante rhodes - academy

2017 Academy Awards

Trevante’s star is on the rise and the sky is the limit.  Onward and upward.  Next stop, “Predator” and showing us those arms he has been working on.  The arms (guns) he said “will rip his clothes when he flexes.” Bring em on!

trevante rhodes - the predator

The Predator

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