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Outrage From LGBT Community After Ginuwine Rejects Transgender ‘Big Brother’ Housemate

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*R&B singer Ginuwine has been slammed for being “transphobic” after he refused to kiss a transgender woman on a reality show.

On a recent episode of “Celebrity Big Brother UK,” the “Pony” hitmaker was asked by transgender housemate India Willoughby whether he would date her.

“I’m a woman, right. You would date me, wouldn’t you?” Willoughby asked.

“Not if you told me you was trans,” Ginuwine replied.

“No, no, I’m not telling you I’m trans,” Willoughby insisted. “I’m a woman.”

“A woman? Yeah,” Ginuwine said.

Willoughby then tried to kiss him, Ginuwine rejected her advances.

Take a look, below:

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The moment sparked debate on social media, with some saying the singer was transphobic because his sexual preference does not include “women” who used to be men.

Comedian D.L. Hughley shared his take on the situation during a recent appearance on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.” Not only does he tie it with the MeToo Movement but he also relates it to white privilege.

“I think Black women and gay people are having a pretty good run, right now,” he said. “Like even that thing that happened with Ginuwine, yesterday. This trans woman tried to kiss him — she sexually assaulted him and they got mad at the victim. That’s what I don’t understand because she’s a full trans [woman], so apparently, they took all the male parts away and infused her with white woman privilege because only a white woman thinks she can kiss you and you’re supposed to want to.”

He then went on to compare the singer to actor Terry Crews who spoke out last year about being sexually assaulted.

“That’s the whole #MeToo movement,” D.L. added. “If Terry Crews is a hero, so is Ginuwine.”

Listen to his comments, below, beginning at the 7:40 mark.

Meanwhile, Ginuwine is getting cozy with housemate Ashley James, as he invited her into his bed after catching her watching him undress. We’re guessing India was not thrilled about their first kiss.


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