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Amara La Negra: Why Everyone’s Talking About the ‘Love And Hip Hop Miami’ Beauty

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*27-year-old Afro-Dominican singer Amara La Negra is the breakout star of the new “Love and Hip Hop Miami” series on Vh1. Her lush afro, beautiful complexion and infectious spirit have triggered conversation and heated debates all across social media.

While many are supportive of her singing career and efforts to education ignorant Latinos on their African heritage, some folks are pressed about whether her hair is real, while others have accused her of performing in blackface.

You read that right…. folks don’t believe her skin tone is real.


During the premiere episode of ‘LHHM,’ viewers witnessed how Amara embraces her ethnicity when she stood up to racist music producer Young Hollywood. He tried to convince her to switch up her style because being “black with an afro” simply won’t work in the music industry, as it’s not  “elegant”…. according to him.

But the Miami native knows her worth and was comfortable enough in her skin to not be riled up by the producer’s comments. Instead, she simply walked out of their session with her dignity, per Madame Noire.

“One of the reasons I’m so rebellious and I wear my hair from my head attached to my body, is because for many years I was told this bulls–t lie that in order to be beautiful, I had to have straight hair, because my hair was too ‘unmanageable,’” she told Vibe in 2015. “Hello! I’m black. Yes, I’m going to have nappy and kinky hair. But that’s part of what makes me beautiful. And it took me years to know and realize that. I’m straightening and burning my hair for what? To please who?”

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Amara is sharing her journey and road to stardom on ‘LHHM’ and she just signed a multi-million dollar record deal with BMG.

In appreciation for her standout character on the reality show, and for rocking her uniqueness like a badge of honor, here’s more of the stunning Dana Danelys De Los Santos, aka Amara La Negra:

Amara La Negra Has Arrived! #LHHMIA #LHHMIAMI

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And for those who want to debate and be argumentative about whether her hair is real, peep the clip below of Amara having her natural hair unbraided and fluffed out into her signature afro.


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