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2.0 Million Viewers Tune-In to ‘Power’ Season 4 Finale, Despite Episode Leaks

Omari Hardwick in "Power" - Season 4, Ep 1 "When I Get Out" (Starz)
Omari Hardwick in “Power” – Season 4, Ep 1 “When I Get Out” (Starz)

*The Season 4 finale of “Power” went out with a bang Sunday – despite the last three episodes of this season being leaked last month.

According to Deadline, the finale was watched by “2.0 million and that’s up a notch from the previous Season 4 high of 1.9 million the August 20 broadcast “That Ain’t Me” pulled in.”

This season’s high viewership “is also pretty much in line with the 2.01 million scored by the Season 3 finale on September 25, 2016.”

“Power” is available for viewing across multiple platforms, including the STARZ app, which has new episodes available several hours before airing on the network.

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Executive producer of "Power" Curtis Jackson attends the season three premiere of "Power" on June 22, 2016 in New York City.
Executive producer of “Power” Curtis Jackson attends the season three premiere of “Power” on June 22, 2016 in New York City.

As Deadline reports, “the show hit 2.95 million sets of eyeballs overall this past weekend. That’s a 6% viewership uptick over what the Season 3 “In My Best Interest” ender garnered overall.”

“Power’s Season 4 finale was up 19% in first broadcast linear viewers”… but the “most watched single episode of the series remains the 2.26 million who watched the first run of the Season 3 debut of July 17, 2016.”

When Deadline asked series creator Courtney Kemp about why she believes viewers are turning to the app more often than watching the series live on television, she said:

I think it’s because of the age of our audience. Our audience is very young overall, and they are watching the episodes on the app. They don’t necessarily have a linear set-top box. They don’t even necessarily have cable service or pay for premium cable. So the STARZ app has been a great way for us to achieve penetration in audiences that wouldn’t necessarily normally have those things.

Also, you know, within the communities that the show is most successful in, a lot of times, only one or two people in the family had a STARZ subscription. So our first couple of years, everyone was going over to a friend’s or something on Saturday nights and people were having what we were calling “Power parties.” Unfortunately, we were only able to count those households as two people, but people were having 20 to 25 people over to their house to watch the show. We were missing all of that headcount.

Now when people are watching it on the app, we’re actually starting to get a much more realistic idea of how many people really are watching this show. We’re starting to be able to see, like, what a phenomenon it’s actually become. So it’s been quite a journey. The linear numbers are never going to catch up, though, because that’s not this show now. I actually think by next year this time, our linear numbers will no longer be relevant.

“Power” is expected to return for its fifth season next summer.






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