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Dozens Get Free HIV Testing at 2 Chainz’s ‘Pink Trap House’ in Atlanta

*Rapper 2 Chainz turned his “Pink Trap House,” a home he rented in Atlanta to promote his new album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,” into a pop-up clinic for free HIV testing on July 4…and because of it, dozens more people now know their status.

“Fulton County Board of Health say they pulling up today!! Come get tested and know your status! By the way this Free,” he posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

Fulton County Board of Health say they pulling up today!! Come get tested and know your status! By the way this is Free99

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A total of 53 people out of the estimated 300 attendees were tested, according to Teresa Bell, program manager at the Fulton County Board of Health, who manages community outreach. CDC’s most recent figures estimate that out of the 1.1 million people living with HIV in the U.S., 1 out of 7, or over 157,000, don’t know they have it.

The success of the Pink Trap House event goes beyond just the tests that were conducted.

“We were very pleased to have 2 Chainz promote it,” said Lorraine Austin, interim health program administrator for the Fulton County Board of Health’s HIV prevention program tells Jezebel. “Tens of thousands of people saw this, and whether they’re local or not, now they’re talking and thinking about getting an HIV test and ensuring they know their status.”

“When you look at social determinants of health, that word ‘trap’ meant something to me with us being out there,” added Bell. “So many of the people there are trapped. They’re trapped in poverty. They’re trapped in drugs, and they’re trapped in not having transportation. They may be trapped in all kinds of ways. So I looked at that in a positive way for us to say, ‘Hey we are out here in the midst of this community offering these services that sometimes clients or people don’t think people even care about their situation.’ Just to look at the art that was posted inside the building and the people gathering, it was almost like people were in sync with the message of hope. A lot of people came up saying, ‘Wow, this is just amazing that you guys are out here.’ It really meant a lot to me to see that we had actually touched the community in a positive way. That place had gotten some negative feedback so this brought some positivity to it.”

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