Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Simone Biles Gets Hair-shamed: Told to Get Black Friends After Cheerleading Cameo

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get some black friends*Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles made her debut as the first honorary Houston Texans cheerleader recently when her hometown team played the San Fransisco 49ers.

Eager to share her enthusiasm, Biles hit up Twitter to upload a photo of herself wearing a Texans sweatshirt, with the caption: “Can’t wait to cheer at my first game. GO HOUSTON TEXANS !!”

As reported by Yahoo Lifestyle, Biles received several encouraging comments but the remarks were overshadowed by trolls who were critical of her hair.

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Photo Credit: Twitter.com

One Twitter user said, “Baby … Your hair … You need some black friends,” and since posting, the tweet has gone viral.

Others flooded her feed sharing similar sentiments, with statements such as “I really cringe when I see a pretty black girl with hair not laid to some decree” and “She got too much money to b walking round like that.”

Peep some of the comments below:

Biles remained lighthearted about the situation by responding to one person with, “just came straight from a 4 hour practice w/my hair in a bun, excuse my hair … hahah.”

Biles had several defenders who stressed that the attention shouldn’t be on her hair but on her talent.


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