Friday, August 12, 2022

Tim Norman Fires Back at Jennifer Williams Over Her Police Report Receipt

Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman
Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman

*Tim Norman from “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” is defending himself against claims and receipts leveled by his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams.

This week, Williams, formerly of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” denied Norman’s claims in a restraining order that she was stalking him and slashing his tires. According to the filing reported by TMZ:

James parked at home and an hour later went outside to find 2 of his tires slashed. He reported it to cops, and says this was just the latest incident. In the docs, he says last summer — when they were still dating, mind you — Jennifer got behind the wheel of HIS car, and tried to run him down. James — who’s on the reality show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” — says he had to dive out of the way or die.

Williams denied those claims yesterday in an Instagram post of her own police report that she claims shows Tim was actually stalking her. “I’m dealing with a real life psycho that I have not seen in 3 months!” she wrote in the caption. “I don’t know if he is trying to boost ratings for his show or what his agenda is. Imagine me slashing tires. Imagine Tim moving quickly. Please leave me alone and stop fabricating lies.. ✌?”

Now Tim has fired back, reposting Jennifer’s own restraining order to defend himself against her allegations.

“My NAME ISNT EVEN ON THAT SH** !!?,” he wrote in the caption. “And as far as the document she posted. If you look at the “Date and Time REPORTED” .. it says 12-18-17 21:30.. (9:30 pm) almost 13 hrs AFTER the restraining was placed on her and almost 33 hrs after incident .. ?. Restraining order was filed at 8 and granted by 8:30am and court date set exactly 3 weeks later. She made no calls to Police or any notice of “stalking” till AFTER she found out a restraining order was placed on her.”

Norman then compared her police report to his restraining order against her.

“All I had to do was show the emails ,threats, and hate that’s been thrown my way .. that’s it . Judge issued a restraining order immediately,” he wrote. “Why isn’t there one on me ?? I’m NOT PRESSING CHARGES! I just want distance.”




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