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Najee Ali Unloads on Al Sharpton & Associate in Stinging Open Letter

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najee ali

*Brother Sharpton, I have always stood by you and never attacked or tried to smear your name.

The fact that we disagreed on the National Action Network that you are the founder of involvement with taking money from R.J. Reynolds was a difference of an opinion. For you and Rev Tulloss your Western Regional Director to attack and betray my family is inconceivable.

My wife has issued a public statement to the media that in part reads, “I’d like to restate, there is no domestic violence in my home to address. My husband and I love each other and our daughter.”

Brother Sharpton, I have stood by you since the days of Rodney King, when black leaders in Los Angeles didn’t even want you in our city, telling you to go back to New York. I stood by you after the Tawana Brawley fiasco. I stood by you when activists nationwide discovered your secret work as an FBI mob informant. I stood by you when you were accused of cheating on your wife (

But I can’t stand with you or Rev Tulloss with your support for R.J. Reynolds. The fact is R.J. Reynolds is a major financial supporter of NAN. I sat at a table last month with representatives of R.J. Reynolds at our NAN LA office for a meeting that Rev Tulloss had arranged. During the meeting they asked that I arrange a meeting with key community stakeholders for a presentation. Tulloss also asked that R.J. Reynolds help sponsor the 2017 Vanguard awards, which they agreed to with a $15,000-dollar donation. The night of the Vanguard awards I sat next to former Congressmember Kendrick Meeks, a Reynolds consultant who serves as moderator at the R.J. Reynolds tobacco meetings. Over the years, the tobacco industry contributed $202,510 to his congressional campaigns, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. Meek received $104,342 of that in the 2009-10 campaign cycle, more that any other member of Congress except for one. As I sat next to Meek I thought about the meeting I had organized for community leaders the previous day which he spoke at. I knew in my heart being a cancer survivor I couldn’t support. R.J. Reynolds and their plan to hire and enlist NAN activists nationally to fight the ban on menthol cigarettes.

That ban will cost their company hundreds of millions of dollars over time.


kw tulloss - najee ali
K. W. Tulloss and Najee Ali

For Sharpton and Tulloss to say they have taken no position is a joke. They’re both lying through their teeth. I was in the meetings at NAN LA. And heard all the details. R.J. Reynolds isn’t just giving their money away for no reason. I picked up my $500-dollar check for organizing the meeting with L.A. leaders that Meeks had spoken at last Thursday with my wife by my side as a witness from Tulloss at his place of employment the Carson office of Congressmember Nanette Barragan. The reason I left NAN LA weeks ago was because “smoking kills, on average, 1,200 Americans. Every day,” and “More people die every year from smoking than from murder, AIDS, suicide, drugs, car crashes, and alcohol, combined.” Not everybody and/or company should get an audience in our community. The tobacco companies do not have a vested interest to make us better. “The tobacco industry could care less about our criminalization. They don’t care about killing you our people the tobacco industry has been spending money for decades to create beautiful lies to hide the ugly truth. Those lies are spread by community leaders such as Sharpton and Tulloss who should be ashamed of themselves for selling out and selling death to those who believe and trust them. The tobacco industry has a long history of co-opting community leaders and organizations through financial donations and sponsorship. In doing so, the tobacco industry can buy silence,

But my silence can’t be bought. In a previous article that EUR ran last week, Tulloss said: “We parted ways based on [his] affiliation [with NAN]. He’s been a friend and brother [but] we just have a disagreement.”

He was in support of the dialogues at first, then, after talking to someone [else], changed his mind.

najee ali (at podium)

Anyone reading what Tulloss had originally said a couple weeks ago and what he has said now to the media … that I beat my wife, knows he’s lying. Tulloss is on a smear campaign because I know the truth about the money Sharpton, NAN and he have received from R.J. Reynolds and their plans to join them in their attempt to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. So Tulloss must try to discredit and silence me which will never happen. The fact he would lie on my wife and use her is disgraceful. I questioned my wife and she was straight forward with me. She told me that First and foremost, the validity of any text screen shot or forwarded is always questionable. The ability to forward a text also can take away and add. Secondly, in the statement my wife made, she clearly stated that she contacted Pastor Tulloss whom she believed at the time was a Minister held by extreme confidence that a Minister, Priest or Attorney would have when making a confession or request for clergy counseling. She has stated that due to communication issues, disagreements and a few heated verbal exchanges, she wanted a Pastor and member of the Clergy to council us.  She stated that she had an idea of what the life and daily stresses of a civil rights activist could be like. The day to day target of hatred which causes activist in the real trenches to have a heightened even anxious stress level have at times even taken a toll on me yet alone my family.  The recent chain of events has forced me to look at the many years that stress has taken a toll on me and now my wife and family. For the last several weeks we have been in marriage counseling.

Today my wife and I received a call from Pastor Sauls from Holman Church with an offer to counsel with my wife and me.  My wife was reluctant initially because of the breach of trust and confidence that she experienced when reaching out to Pastor Tulloss.  After much consideration we have decided to accept the offer to work with the Pastor at Holman Church as well as towards strengthening our family goals.

After reviewing the communications from Pastor Tulloss stating that he was deeply concerned about my wife and daughter, I questioned why the proposed concern has come months after my wife made the initial calls for counseling. Why only now in the aftermath of the dispute between NAN and myself regarding the RJ Reynolds Tobacco money that NAN has been receiving?  Would a fire fighter wait nearly 3 months to rescue a woman and child from a burning house?  Of course not. Pastor Tulloss was sent texts in Confidence and then forwarded to Jasmyne Cannick. What type of Pastor does that? How can anyone trust you ever again? The text that Jasmyne posted isn’t a smoking gun. Every couple has disagreements.

najee ali & al sharpton

If Jasmyne was posting the text out of real concern, she as well would have reached out to my wife.

In full disclosure everyone that knows Jasmyne and I were friends once, but she ended our friendship when I publicly protested her client that she served as a paid spokesperson for. Former school board member Skyy Fisher who was convicted of performing a sex act on a sleeping man and sentenced to six years in state prison. Jasmyne went as far as calling a U.S. Congressmember to mislead her so she could ask me to stop my protests against Fisher. Once I informed the Congressmember that Fisher had raped someone. She told me to carry on which I did. When Cannick called me, and broke down crying that she was homeless and needed a job. Begging for my help to call elected officials and community groups I didn’t bear a grudge. I called on her behalf to no avail. The leaders I called know I’m telling the truth.

She then returned to hating me ever since. And it’s quite apparent in her writings which are always misleading, false and out of context. I haven’t used illegal drugs in over 25 years. The only reason people know is because I was always honest and open speaking about the dangers of drugs to youth groups, schools and in recovery meetings. As I battled my cancer for 3 years I obtained a legal medicinal card to ease my pain some people may think it’s drugs, but I disagree as I was in constant pain. It wasn’t a secret. Those are facts.  I don’t have a history of violence against woman. A restraining order that Maxine (Waters) filed against me was a week later in retaliation because I filed and received one against her first. I saw them both at an event at (Los Angeles) Trade-Tech (school) and offered my apologies to her husband for the past misunderstanding and could he convey them to her. Those are facts. Laura Hendrix filed a restraining order over 20 years ago when I was a young activist not because she was afraid of me, but because I threatened to boycott and protest her store. She didn’t wasn’t to lose business with me in front of her store. Those are facts. My dispute with the Nation of Islam years ago was well documented. I was assaulted in Leimert Park by some of their members out of jealousy and envy. Their leader, Minister Farrakhan, was outraged after by father-in-law at the time, Imam W.D. Mohammed, called and told him.

Minister Farrakhan rebuked those who were responsible. Those are facts. The Black Lives Matter activists along with General Jeff don’t even deserve a response. But for the record Gen Jeff was convicted of assault for punching me in the face. The Judge sentenced him on Nov 2, 2017 commenting that he was a career criminal since his days as a juvenile garnering 2 felony’s convictions and 10 misdemeanors ranging from check fraud to resisting arrest. The jury voted 11 to 1 to convict him for his assault of LT. Walters a female African-American and long-time member of F.A.M.E. That lone juror saved him from a prison term. Gen. Jeff stood trial for his assaults and was sentenced to 120 days in jail. Those are facts.

In closing I have never beat my wife. I challenge anyone to produce a report police indicating so. I refuse to let this smear and slander campaign derail me from serving the community. I now realize that Sharpton, Tulloss and NAN had become killers for hire. We can’t let them continue to embrace and support tobacco and R.J. Reynolds in our community. Our people’s lives are at stake.

This will be my final statement in this matter, my wife, daughter and I plan to enjoy the rest of the Holidays.  We wish you a happy holiday season as well, brother Sharpton.

Najee Ali




  1. If this is Black leadership, we are in trouble.

    Not talking just about the writer but the people Ali implicates in this diatribe. Lot of cattiness all around.

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